Healthy hair foods – 4 of the best

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Healthy hair foods – 4 of the best
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For healthy hair that shines with vitality, naturally, you need to nourish it with the appropriate products. However, what is on our plates can also help make our hair beautiful and silky. Here are 4 foods to eat from now on, for the shiny, healthy hair of your dreams. 


The proteins contained in fish are essential for the vitality of your scalp. In fact, a lack of protein can cause your hair to fall out.

In a general way, protein is necessary for the production of keratine, the substance that makes up more than 95% of the hair’s capillary fibres.

Our nutritional advice: Choose lean fish, such as cod, or oily fish, such as salmon. Oily fish are extremely rich in omega 3, which is great for promoting healthy hair, skin and even nails.

You can also eat poultry or any other lean meats, which are also rich in protein.

If you are a vegetarian, remember to include spirulina and soya in your diet.

Lentils and other legumes

Eat lentils from now on! They are rich in protein, iron and zinc: three indispensable nutrients for beautiful and healthy hair. Iron helps bring oxygen to the scalp as it regulates haemoglobin levels in the blood, which is what makes the hair shiny.

Our nutritional advice: Vary your meals with other legumes that are also recognised for promoting healthy hair: peas, chickpeas, white beans and kidney beans.

Vitamin B rich cereals

If cereals are considered good for your hair, it is because they contain high levels of B vitamins.

Vitamins B1 to B12 all play a part in growing strong, beautiful hair. In fact, certain vitamins regulate the production of sebum, while others add shine or reinforce the roots.

Our nutritional advice: Go for whole grain cereals, which are richer in vitamins than refined cereals. Better again: consume as much wheat germ as you like, which is very rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9.

Guava, and any other fruits that are full of vitamin C

In terms of fruits, guava stands out for hair care, due to its high vitamin C content. This vitamin can help with hair growth and supports strong, healthy hair: without this vitamin, the hair would be fine and brittle.

Our nutritional advice: papayas, peppers, kiwis, oranges and mangoes are equally good sources of vitamin C. Eat them at will!

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