Have sex often: 7 reasons it’s good for your health!

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Have sex often: 7 reasons it’s good for your health!
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Making love has very positive effects on our health -physically as well as psychologically. You may not know it, but there are at least 7 good health reasons to have sex often, whether you are a man or a woman. Among other things, sex affects your life expectancy. Find out more about this and other health benefits! 

1) Longer life expectancy

Doctor David Weeks, a researcher in the Royal Hospital of Edinburgh, studied the sexuality of 3,500 people, ranging from 18 to 102 years old. He concluded that having sex 3 times a week prolongs life expectancy by 10 years! However, we do not yet know whether there is a directly proportionate link between the number of times you have sex per week and how long you live…

2) Analgesic effects

For those who say sex gives them a headache -it’s not true! On the contrary, making love has an analgesic effect as powerful as taking two aspirin! In fact, orgasms produce endorphins, a type of natural morphine with pain-relieving and relaxing effects on the body.

3) Heart health

According to cardiologists, the frequency of sexual relations is linked to decreased cardiac risks, because the regular physical effort stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the heart. In the case of serious heart problems, it is best to seek medical advice.

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4) Make love: a natural stress reliever

The endorphins released during orgasm give you feelings of pleasure, relaxation and stress relief. Having sex therefore promotes good sleep.

Endorphins are released by the hypothalamus in the brain and the pituitary gland, as a natural reward for the physical effort exerted. This happens naturally in the case of any psychological or physical exertion, but more so during and after exercise, such as having sex. The more effort exerted, the more endorphins are released. The relaxing effect is increased five-fold in the 30 to 45 minutes after exercise.

5) Fights prostate cancer

Regular sex, including masturbation, around 3 times a week, plays a protective role against prostate cancer. This effect is due to the number of weekly ejaculations.

6) Promotes vaginal health

Ejaculate can help keep the vagina soft and lubricated. One ejaculation contains around 70% semen, which is very rich in fructose, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and proteins. Semen nourishes sperm while it is being stored in the testicles and while on their way to the uterus. The other 30% of ejaculate is comprised of liquid from the prostate and the cowper glands. Sperm itself makes up only 1% of the liquid ejaculate.

7) Sex: a natural anti-depressive

Most men and women feel relaxed and happy after sex, and even more so when this happens several times a week. Having frequent sex promotes a serene psychological state and reduces the risk of depression. In other words, the more sexually fulfilled you are, the more you’ll have an appetite for life!

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