Good health: 4 top tips to stay healthy

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Good health: 4 top tips to stay healthy
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Our body is continually submitted to a lot of “waste”.  It can come from both outside and inside and should to be destroyed so that our body can function as it should. Several areas of our body are able to destroy these types of waste.  When everything is working well these areas of our body are able to carry out their work as they should.  However sometimes, the amount of waste they need to treat is too much.  This is when we are more likely to fall ill.  However if you follow the four tips in this article you can help your body avoid accumulating too much waste and stay healthy. 

When your body is unhealthy

Our body is made up of an enormous amount of water and liquids.  These liquids, including your blood and lymph, circulate around your body and bring food and essential nutrients to our different organs so that they can work properly.  However these liquids are also needed to clean our body of waste.  However if there is too much waste, the liquids can’t treat it all and places it in storage or expulsion areas.

If it is not possible to carry out this type of work, it is also difficult to nourish our body as well.  Badly fed organs, don’t carry out their work in an optimum way.  This is why, according to naturopaths, you can contract an illness.

The four techniques that we are going to discuss in this article will allow you to reinforce your defenses.  Waste can come from both inside and out.  In the first instance it can be ingested by us through our food or the air we breath.  Chemical substances in products are particularly bad for our body.  In the second instance our own body can start to produce waste.  Urine and our waste from digestion are bodily waste that we need to get rid of straight away.

1) Know where your foods come from

Our body can gather waste from or due to a number of sources:

  • Diet;
  • Beauty cosmetics;
  • Hygiene products: shampoo, shower gel, soaps etc.

It is important that you check what products you are consuming and what products that we use on our body.  In fact when we buy our food, it is better that you choose organic produce so that you can limit the impact of pesticides on your body.  You should also look up where your products come from, how they are made and the ethics of the producer.

You should also be careful of hygiene products and beauty cosmetics as you can also fill your body full of waste by using bad products.  Again it is better if you choose organic or artisan products.  Make sure that you read the ingredients of your soaps, shampoos and other hygiene or beauty cosmetics.

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2)  Eat well

Eating to excess is a modern dilemma.  This excessive eating habit causes lots of obesity cases so it is important to control and manage what you eat.  In fact you should eat food in reasonable quantities and not over indulge on your food.  Think about how you feel when you do over indulge.  You can feel heavy and tired out.  Well this is exactly what your body is feeling too.  When we eat more than is necessary our body needs to work a lot harder than it does normally so it can treat and eliminate waste.  This is why if there is too much waste your body will store it which can be harmful.

3)  Have a good sleeping routine

So that you can be on top form you need to be aware of how you feel and know you own rhythm.  Resting is an essential part of maintaining healthy.  While you sleep your body is working as it eliminates waste without interrupting your activity.

However knowing how you feel yourself can sometimes be difficult.  You need to know how many hours sleep you need for you to be on form both psychologically and physically.  However you shouldn’t have lots of nights in a row that you have an restless or short sleep.

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4)  Stress not helpful

Stress is a psychological factor that uses up a lot of energy.  Nowadays our brains are very occupied and our mind can’t rest as much as it should.  However when we are stressed, our body uses so much energy that there is not enough for our body to function properly.

You need to be aware that the world does not solely resolve around work or anxiety-provoking activities.  Letting go is often a really good thing even if it is only for a short while.


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