Girls on top! 18 Kama Sutra positions where women take the lead

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Girls on top! 18 Kama Sutra positions where women take the lead
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If there is one domain in which Girl Power is given its rightful place, it’s in the bedroom! So make the most of it ladies, let yourselves go and take control like never before! Here are 18 Kama Sutra positions in which you take the reins. 

1) The Amazon

Your partner lies on his back and you sit on top of him, side on, keeping your legs to one side. This position will highlight your curves, which he is sure to enjoy too!

2) The lotus

This face to face position facilitates kisses and caresses, as the women wraps herself around the man, sitting on top of him, with her legs around his waist.

3) The waffle iron

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With “the waffle iron”, it’s total fusion between the two lovers. The woman lies flat on top of her partner, and his is lying on his back. She faces him and can take control the movements as she sees fit.

4) The bumblebee

In the bumblebee position, the man is sitting down and has his back against a wall or the back of a chair, while his partner sits on top of him, and controls the back and forth movements by holding him with her hands.

5) The butterfly

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With the butterfly position, the lovers get into the same position as for the bumblebee, facing each other in a seated position, legs spread, but the woman takes control, obviously…

6) The scorpion

The scorpion isn’t an easy position to get into, and requires a little flexibility. The man lies on his back and his partner straddles him, turning her back to him. She then leans backwards on top of him to continue the fun.

7) The crab union

For the crab union, the man is once again lying on his back. He slightly spreads his legs so that his partner can place her feet between his legs, keeping her legs together. She is in the same position as the scorpion, except that she is better able to hold herself in place, and her legs are closer together,

8) The Andromache position

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In the Andromache position, the woman “rides her partner”. She straddles him, facing him, who is lying on his back and allows her to have her wicked way with him!

9) The phœnix

The man sits cross-legged on a bed or on a chair, placing his feet on the floor. His partner sits on his thighs and she is the one who controls the majority of the back and forth movements.

10) Reverse cowgirl

In this position, the woman straddles her partner, who is lying down, but she turns her back to him and stays upright, for better freedom to control the movements and to play with and tease him.

11) The bark

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The man lies on his back with his legs spread, and the woman places herself on top of him, her legs also spread, but sitting on him side on.

12) The swing

The man sits on a the bed, propping himself up with his hands on the bed behind him, while the woman gets on top of him facing away from him, and uses the space to press down on his lower legs to play with the various sensations.

13) The candle

The man is seated on the bed and holds himself upright with his hands behind him. His partner is on top of him, facing him, and hooks her legs over his shoulders. The ideal position for reaching the G spot!

14) The lazy position

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In this position, the woman is on top of her partner with her back to him, who is lying on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor. This position gives her the latitude to do whatever she likes with him!

15) The chimpanzees

This is one of the most difficult positions to master, and requires you to be supple! The man lies on his back, and brings his knees up to his chest, to support the woman’s back with his feet. With her back to him, she allows him to enter her, and then decides on the rhythm….

16) The bridge

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Similarly to with the last position, test out your flexibility before trying out this position! The man goes into “bridge” position and his partner makes the most of it by putting herself in just the right spot to play with him… If he has the strength for it!

17) The long-haired goddess position

Start with the scorpion position, and add a few details: the woman places her feet on top of her partner’s bent knees, for more control over the movements and speed.

18) The reversal

Straddling her partner, the woman lets herself fall backwards at the same time as controlling the penetration or stimulation.


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