Get a flat stomach by eating these 7 foods

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Get a flat stomach by eating these 7 foods
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Sadly, there is no miracle cure for losing weight -it takes WILLPOWER! Forget the fad diets you try to follow year in year out, a diet needs to be adapted to your body shape in order to work, and isn’t always the best approach to losing weight. You simply have to eat HEALTHILY!

Fat, does it deserve its bad reputation?

High cholesterol, obesity, cardiovascular problems -so many problems give fats a bad reputation. However, we shouldn’t generalise, as these problems are consequences only of bad fats. Be aware that fat, the good type, can help the body store energy, protect your organs from shocks and maintain body temperature.

If you have an illness such as diabetes or hypertention, banish bad fats and eat a balanced diet, taking daily exercise.

Reduce abdominal fat with food

Olive oil 

Choosing the right kind of olive oil is important. Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is superior in quality and contains unsaturated fat, and has numerous nutrients which can contribute to a diet which is low in fat otherwise. This can also help lower cholesterol.


We recommend almonds for vegetarians or people who do lots of sport, because almonds activate the metabolism, while regulating blood sugar levels. They are also well known for protecting against obesity and they contain high levels of omega 3.

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Oats are great for quelling hunger! They are ideal as a breakfast food because they are rich in proteins and fibres. Oats can purify the blood and reduce cholesterol, as they contain cells that reduce toxins and fats, helping to eliminate them from the body. You can also use oats to make batter instead of breadcrumbs.


Brocolli contains fibre, vitamin C and calcium. It contains nutrients that work on your intestines, which in turn absorb less fat and free up the arteries. It is equally good for your bronchi (pay attention smokers) and for good digestion. Try it raw, in salads, or cooked.

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Rich in water and fibre, raspberries are the most highly recommended fruit. When you eat raspberries, your body produces more energy and stimulates blood circulation, all the while regulating sodium levels.


Salmon produces good cholesterol and proteins, and also has high levels of vitamin D. Good for your nervous system, it an activate your metabolism and burn abdominal fat. Salmon contains fatty acids that prevent fat from accumulating. Go for wild Pacific salmon, which is better for your body than farmed salmon. To avoid the heavy metals found in large fatty fish, go for sardines instead.

Green tea 

An excellent fat burner, green tea promotes digestion through its mixture of water and heat. By drinking tea after your meal, you help your body to regulate its temperature and therefore to burn calories. Green tea works on your body by lowering your blood pressure, regulating glucose levels and promoting the absorption of calcium. But don’t overdo it, no more than three cups a day!

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