G spot: 20 sex positions to try out to reach it!

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G spot: 20 sex positions to try out to reach it!
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The G spot is an erogenous zone containing high numbers of nerve endings, situated inside the vagina. It can be felt and stimulated when a woman is very aroused, for example by testing out one of our top 20 positions to reach it!

1) The square

The woman lies on the edge of a table, a bed or a couch, with her pelvis coming slightly over the edge of it. The man holds her hips and penetrates her. The woman puts her legs around the man’s waist or shoulders, or spreads her legs, bringing her knees back towards her.

2) The reverse cowgirl

The woman straddles the man turning her back to him, while he is lying on his back. Her bum rests on the  man’s stomach, allowing for deep penetration. The woman can lean forward and play around with the rhythm and movements -she is the mistress of her own pleasure! 

3) The shell

The woman lies on her back and the man holds her thighs, which are parted around his pelvis. He can then penetrate fairly deeply.

4) The sphinx

From a kneeling position, the woman rests on her forearms and arches so that the man can penetrate her, holding her bum or hips. In order to stimulate the G spot, it is better to alternate between fast and slow movements and and manage the depth of penetration for maximum arousal.

5) The captain of the ship

The woman lies on her back, legs raised and held by her partner, who guides the movements and penetration. By raising the woman’s pelvis, her partner can more easily reach the G spot.