Foot health: why wearing Crocs is not recommended

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Foot health: why wearing Crocs is not recommended
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The fact that Crocs are not good for your feet is not new information, but in case you missed it, now you are warned! Although they sell like crazy every year, these plastic sandals with holes in them (in which we fail to see the aesthetic appeal) can be bad for your feet and especially for your joints. Here’s why!

Crocs: as well as being ugly, they damage your feet

European podiatrists came together in 2016 to remind us that wearing Crocs on a daily basis can lead to problems and joint pain, as well as foot deformities.

Despite their anti-perspirant qualities, wearing Crocs regularly or on a daily basis can cause tendonitis and deformities of the toes.

Made from plastic material, they are not suitable for regular use, although many people tend to wear them all day long, every day of Summer. Just like flip-flops, they provide no heel support and when the heels are not supported, the toes tend to curl up to hold on to the shoes.

This is why these types of shoes, such as Crocs or flip-flops, tend to cause tendonitis, toe deformations, nail deformations, corns and callouses. Podiatrists advise wearing them for no more than 8 to 10 hours per day, and to alternate them with more supportive shoes.

Since 2011, Crocs have been banned in hospitals in several countries, such as the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Sweden and Austria, mainly for safety reasons. In fact, Crocs are not suitable for protecting the feet in the case of falling sharp objects, such as syringes or needles.

As well as Crocs and flip-flops, podiatrists especially recommend that women avoid wearing high heels too often, which are suspected to be a cause of back pain. 


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