Foods to avoid so you can sleep better

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Foods to avoid so you can sleep better
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It is well known that you shouldn’t eat heavy food before going to bed so that you can digest your meal better and avoid any acid reflux before sleeping.  In the long run, eating some of these food products too regularly before going to bed can lead to metabolic problems and difficulties sleeping. 

1) Red Meat

Rich in protein and fat, red meat is more difficult to digest and absorb at night and while sleeping.  It is better to eat red meat earlier or at lunch in small portion sizes.

2) Broccoli or Cabbage

Broccoli contains many nutrients and vitamins and has very little calories. It is the ideal vegetable to eat if you want to lose weight but it’s sulfur compounds and fibers are difficult to digest in the evening. In fact these properties cause more gas production in the intestines and can cause a sore stomach, which can interfere with sleep

3) Cheese

Cheeses contain an amnio acid called tyramie.  Once absorbed, this amnio acid has a negative reaction on the production of hormones responsible for sleep regulation.  What is more, cheese can be badly digested by people at night giving people an upset stomach.

You should choose dairy products that are low in fat like milk and yogurt to help you sleep better.

4) Cured meat or fatty products

Cured meat is often singled out as it is too rich in protein, chemical compounds and fat which struggle to be eliminated by the body.  When it is eaten too regularly, cured meat can be dangerous for your health as it increases acid reflux, cholesterol levels and the risk of cardiovascular illnesses.

This is why you should avoid eating too much cured meat or fatty products (pizza, burger, chips) at night and in general as part of your diet.

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5) Sugary foods

Sugary products using refined sugar as well as sweets, cakes and biscuits can cause metabolic problems, sleeping difficulties and can lead to diabetes due to an increased level of sugar in the blood.  You should avoid eating too many sugary products regularly especially at dinner if you’d like to sleep better.

Sugary products quickly increase sugar levels in the blood.  As a result, if they are not transformed into energy they will slow down metabolism and encourage stress and sleeping difficulties.

6) Spicy dishes or sauces

Although spices generally have many medicinal benefits, such as the incredible benefits of turmeric, they can also encourage acid productuon in the stomach and can cause an upset stomach and intestinal problems.  This is why it is advised to avoid eating spicy food in the evening before going to bed.

7) Fizzy drinks

The majority of fizzy drink are very sugary and can slow down your metabolism if they are consumed too regularly or after dinner.  The gas can cause sore stomachs and gastric reflux.

You should not forget to eat dinner as it is just as important as breakfast and lunch however it should be lighter than the others so your body can digest the food before going to bed.  You should also leave two hours after eating before going to bed.  In general it is recommended that you eat your evening meal no later than 8 pm.


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