With Flex you can have sex without having to remove your tampon

With Flex you can have sex without having to remove your tampon
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Two Americans have invented a new type of female sanitary product called Flex. It is a tampon which does not have to be removed during sexual intercourse and collects blood without disrupting penetration. No need to worry or apologize for staining the bed sheets again! 

Flex is a tampon which is similar to the menstrual cup 

The Flex tampon works in a similar way to the menstrual cup because it is placed directly under the cervix.  However in contrast, Flex tampons can be used during sexual relations including penetration. Flex is also called a menstrual disk due to its circular form.  The inside is then protected by a hypoallergenic latex and rubber film.  

Flex tampons can be used for 12 hours

The Flex company states on it’s website that Flex tampons can be used for 12 hours which is 2 to 3 times longer than a classical tampon. Now you can lie in without having to worry…

The tampon has to be thrown away and is not recyclable but in contrast to a normal tampon you can have sex even while it is inserted, no need to run quickly to the toilet or to shatter your or your partners passion when you are getting in the mood.

According to a company representative, when inserted correctly under the cervix the menstrual disk can not be detected by your partner.

Lots of women want to have sex during their menstrual cycle but they can often feel disgusted by the idea of staining the sheets, to see blood or dirty themselves during sexual relations.  These feelings are also shared by men.

Received a deluge of praise

Since it was released onto the market, this product has received only praise from the media and female users.  Hopefully it continues in this direction!

Here is a video published by the company to explain how to use the Flex tampon:

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