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Five foods to increase your sex drive if it is low!

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Five foods to increase your sex drive if it is low!
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Overtime it is easy for a man’s sex drive to decrease. In fact sexual urges are linked to levels of testosterone which tend to fall by 1 to 2% per year.  However you should know that some foods can keep your testosterone levels high! 

1/ Ginger


As testosterone levels are linked to fertility, lowered levels of testosterone can overtime produce the incapacity to procreate.  In 2012 a team of researchers focused their research on ginger, a root that has been used for centuries to help improve sexual performances.

The researchers gave 75 participants who suffered from fertility problems ginger based supplements for three months.  After this period the results that came back were impressive:

  • Increased testosterone levels by 17% ;
  • Increased vitality of spermatozoa by 40.7%; 

2/ Oysters

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A study carried out in 2010 showed the importance of zinc in resolving problems with erection. In fact zinc is one essential minerals which improves the development of spermatozoa. However lack of zinc can also lead to significant health problems and in particular a delayed sexual maturity, impotence and hypogonadism for men.

So as to avoid these problems, you need to eat products that contain zinc which includes oysters.  In 85 g of this sea food you can find about 75 mg of zinc.  This quantity is very high.  As a comparison a  slice of roast beef will have about 7 mg of zinc.

3/ Green vegetables

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Green vegetables like spinach, cabbage and beans will very likely increase your levels of testosterone.  Green vegetables contain lots of magnesium which is an important trace element for our body. According to a study carried out by Turkish researchers magnesium can increase you testosterone levels.

Researcher gave magnesium based supplements for four weeks to two groups of men who either practiced an intensive sporting activity or didn’t.  Then then could distinguish whether there was an increase if these two groups.  Nevertheless those who practiced an intense sporting activity  have even higher levels of testosterone.

According to the National Institutes of Health there is also a lot of magnesium in:

  • Almonds; 
  • Soya milk; 
  • Peanuts and cashew nuts. 

4/ Fatty acids

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Fish are generally rich in essential fatty acid including omega-3.  These fats are essential as there can not be synthetised by our body.  This is why we need to eat foods that contain this element in our diet.

Two studies in 2016 from Japanese and Argentinian researchers tested the impact of fish oil on mice and on dogs.  By increasing the proportion of fish oil in the diet of the two species, researchers showed an improvement in sperm quality and quantity of testosterone.

Foods like mackerel, herring, salmon and even sardines are all rich in omega-3.

5/ Onions


Onions often make up a crucial ingredient in recipes.  They are also useful for fragile hair and at soothing mosquito bites.  However according to an Iranian study, eating onions could increase your testosterone levels.  This theory has not yet been proved on men an further studies still need to be carried out.


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