Find the new G-Spot, stronger and more intense: the Deep Spot

Find the new G-Spot, stronger and more intense: the Deep Spot
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Pay attention ladies, because the Deep Spot is even more powerful than the G Spot! As indicated by the name, it is found in the deepest part of the vagina. So where exactly is it found, and how can you stimulate it? 

Where is the Deep Spot ?

Thee Deep Spot is divided into two parts. About 7 cm from the entry to the vagina, in the front wall of the vagina, you find the first point, the “front spot”. The second point, the “back spot” is situated on the opposite wall of the vagina, about 9 cm from the entrance. The effects of stimulating the back spot are even more powerful than the front spot.

These two points are about the same size as the G Spot, and are approximately 2 cm in diameter. Like the G Spot, they are made up of extremely sensitive nerve endings that easily lead to orgasm.

How can you stimulate the Deep Spot?

You can stimulate the Deep Spot either on your own or with your partner, using fingers, a sex toy, or during sex.

Manual stimulation

Before stimulating the Deep Spot, your vagina should be fairly well lubricated. Stimulate your clitoris or ask your partner to do so. Introducing one or two fingers or a sex toy will be more pleasant at this point (if possible, the sex toy should be curved and vibrating). Gently slide the fingers or the sex toy into the vagina, making in-and-out movements, gently touching the deepest point of the vagina.

Use the middle finger and/or the index finger, and bend them a little to be more precise. Obviously, your hands, fingers and nails should be perfectly clean. You can caress your clitoris at the same time for increased sensation.

Sexual stimulation

Don’t forget the foreplay: clitoral caressing, cunnilingus, etc., before penetration. To stimulate the Deep Spot, certain positions work better. The penetration needs to be fairly deep, such as during doggy style or lying on your back, with your legs on your partner’s shoulders.