Female masturbation: 8 benefits you need to know about

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Female masturbation: 8 benefits you need to know about
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You may not know it, but female masturbation has a number of benefits for women’s health. For example, it is effective in the prevention of vaginal infections, but that’s not all!

Masturbation: boosts morale

Masturbation is recommended by sex therapists and psychologists in order to support general well-being. In fact, women who masturbate regularly tend to be less stressed.

The pleasure linked to masturbation involves the secretion of endorphins and serotonin, which are also called the ‘happy’ chemicals. 

Prevents vaginal infections

During masturbation, the body allows the cervix to release built-up bacteria and thus prevent vaginal infections. 

Furthermore, the pleasure of the orgasm stimulates the production of antibodies in the immune system, making it more resistant to infections. 

Fights insomnia

The sensations of pleasure and well-being caused by masturbation before going to sleep improve the quality of sleep thanks to the secretion of hormones that are naturally present in the body. 

Good for period pains

When the clitoris and the vagina are stimulated, the sensations of pleasure have a natural  analgesic effect which reduce period pains. 

Thanks to the production of hormones, masturbation can reduce inflammation and muscle tension in the base of the abdomen.

Boosts feminine libido

Masturbation gives a natural boost to female libido, because women who masturbate tend to have more fulfilled sex lives and to better understand their own bodies, which can in turn enhance their enjoyment of sex with their partners. In fact, female masturbation gives free reign to women’s fantasies and imaginations, which improves sexual desire.

Masturbation, a way to achieve orgasm

Women who have difficulty with achieving orgasm can, via masturbation, discover their own sensitive and erogenous zones, which they can afterwards explore with their partners. In the same way, women who masturbate regularly work the muscles of the pelvic floor and can more easily achieve orgasm. 

The clitoris has more than 8,000 nerve endings, which is why the majority of women achieve orgasm by clitoral stimulation as opposed to via penetration. 

Works against sexual dysfunction and vaginismus

It is recommended that women who suffer from anorgasmia (difficulties reaching orgasm) or vaginismus (contraction of the vaginal muscles) should masturbate regularly, because self-stimulation and the associated pleasure can act as a therapy to get over such problems and to increase sexual excitement.

Great for burning calories

During masturbation, a woman burns around 170 calories, depending on the duration and the intensity of the pleasure. 


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