E-cigarettes: at least 4 health benefits

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E-cigarettes: at least 4 health benefits
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According to an article written by GP and expert in smoking, Catherine Solano, studies up until now show that “over 70% of smokers quit thanks to e-cigarettes”. So what are the advantages of vaping for your health, as opposed to smoking?

1) A smaller risk of dependency

In cigarette smoking, it is the nicotine that the consumer becomes addicted to. Although when they start out vaping, smokers absorb on average the same quantity of nicotine as they do with regular smoking, they gradually reduce the levels of nicotine in the e-cigarettes, until in the end they have given up nicotine entirely. Generally, smokers continue to smoke traditional or rolled cigarettes as well as e-cigarettes for a while, eventually reducing their cigarette use until they have stopped completely.

2) Fewer toxic substances

When we smoke, health risks come not only from the nicotine, but mainly from burning the tobacco, which produces tar, fine particles and an extremely toxic gas: carbon monoxide. These toxic substances cause cancer (lung cancer, throat cancer, etc.), heart problems, fertility problems, chronic bronchitis, etc. However, e-cigarettes do not contain any of these substances. 

E-cigarettes can thus help prevent certain serious health problems and limit the damage caused to the environment (via disposable lighters, cigarette butts, etc.). It could also cost less for the consumer who no longer has to buy cigarettes and lighters as often.

According to a study led by researchers in University College London published in February last year, e-cigarettes also carry fewer risks than nicotine patches.

3) Healthier lungs

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If a smoker becomes a ‘vaper’ and stops consuming tobacco, they will notice positive changes in their bodies: they will breathe easier, they will no longer be out of breath at the tiniest physical effort and they can start doing exercise again. They will also reduce their risks of developing cardiovascular diseases, chronic bronchitis and cancers linked to cigarette smoking.

4) A huge choice of types and flavours

As well as thousands of possibilities in terms of the flavours of the e-liquid in e-cigarettes, there are two main types available to consumers: the clearomizer or the rechargeable atomizer. The advantage of the rechargeable atomizer is that you can construct it yourself and adjust the settings to your own preferences, which is a more economical solution in the long term.

The clearomizer is situated at the tip of the e-cigarette, and it consists of a drip section at the end, a reservoir that contains the e-liquid and an atomiser.

If one of the flavours available on the market can help you give up smoking for good, then try it out! There is an impressive variety of e-liquids, and all you have to do is find one that suits you (honey, strawberry, passionfruit, lemon, chocolate, bonbons, plants, CBD, mixes, etc.). For people who want to give up smoking cannabis, there are also cannabidiol (CBD) options available to help you out.


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