Why you should drink lemon juice every morning

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Why you should drink lemon juice every morning
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We know that lemon juice is effective at whitening teeth or for replenishing our hair but we know less about the very beneficial natural properties it has for our health. We can make the most of theses benefits by drinking a glass of lemon juice mixed with a little warm water.

Making the most of lemon’s detoxifying properties so that the body can stay in good health is one of the new full proof habits we should start today to stay on form. All you have to do is to make a homemade mixture of lemon juice (organic if you can) and warm water. If the water is too hot or too cold it will kill of the vital vitamins that can be found in lemon juice.

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1. Lemon juice is rich in vitamins

Lemons are a citrus fruit.  Anything citrus mean abundant in vitamins, particularly vitamin C. Drinking a glass of lemon juice in the morning on an empty stomach, is ideal for boosting our immunity defenses and perks us up for the day.

2. It hydrates us

Drinking lemon juice in the morning is also an effective way to hydrate the body.  Particularly the skin which is often dry.  Rich in antioxidants, lemons also help to slow epidermis aging and acne.

3. Stops us from snacking

Drinking lemon juice first thing in the morning does not make us lose weight.  However this new habitual morning ritual will help to reduce the temptation for little morning munchies. Drinking a glass of lemon infused water or just plain water can expand the stomach therefore resisting the urge to have a sugary temptation at 11 o’clock.

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4. Good for digestion

Being acidic itself, our stomach can tolerate lemon’s acidity.  The combination of the two elements promotes better nutrient absorption. Lemons can therefore help to combat indigestion and stomach aches.

5. Lemons have detoxing properties

Lemon juice has a diuretic effect on the body. The more you drink, the more you urinate and therefore, the more the body is able eliminate accumulated toxins. Scientific studies show that lemon could even help fight against kidney stones

6. Whitening teeth

Thanks to it’s antibacterial properties, lemon juice deeply cleanses our mouth each morning and leaves us with a long lasting, fresh breath.  As a bonus, it also whitens our teeth!

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