Drink coffee for a longer life!

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Drink coffee for a longer life!
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Drink coffee for a longer life! According to two studies published in the American journal Annals of Internal Medicine on 11th July 2017, moderate daily consumption of coffee could increase your life expectancy. 

The numerous positive effects of coffee on the health have been well document in the past few decades: the famous hot drink appears to improve digestion as well as memory abilities. It reduces the risk of diverse illnesses, notably various cancers (bladder, uterus, liver, etc.), type 2 diabetes, stroke and liver disease as well as Parkinsons and Alzheimers. 

Drink coffee to reduce the risk of illness

By reducing the risk of mortal illnesses, coffee can prolong our lives. However we still don’t know whether the benefits come from the caffeine or from the antioxidants contained in the coffee itself. Consumption should therefore be moderate – it has been suggested that anything more than 3 cups a day can have the opposite effect, increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

The two studies mentioned above were carried out over a 16 year period, in 10 countries between Europe and the United States. The studies accessed a total of over 700,000 subjects. The results of both studies were similar, and confirmed the positive impact of consuming coffee – decaf included – on the health.

There is in fact well and truly a link between drinking coffee and lowered mortality rates due to circulatory and digestive illnesses.

The two studies are however still observational, and it is for the moment impossible to recommend the drink for medicinal purposes.

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