Donkey milk: 3 ways it is great for your skin

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Donkey milk: 3 ways it is great for your skin
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Cleopatra was, among other empresses, one of the first to use donkey milk for looking after her skin. Rich in minerals, vitamins and trace minerals, donkey milk has been known for centuries to have amazing benefits for the skin. 

A donkey produces approximately one litre of milk per day, when they are feeding their young. However, once their young are weaned, the milk dries up. It is thus a rare product, requiring a great deal of patience on the part of the producers. In order to ensure the highest quality donkey milk, buy organic or artisanal quality products. It is also preferable to check what it contains (look for at least 40% donkey milk in moisturisers and avoid any types of added chemicals). Thus, you will be sure to reap all the benefits!

1) It softens the skin

You can buy moisturisers with a donkey milk base intended to nourish the skin on the face or body. Donkey milk is suitable for all skin types, including the most fragile and sensitive skin. It is great for treating dry skin, which it hydrates and softens beautifully.

2) A natural anti-wrinkle ingredient

Donkey milk makes the skin firmer, tighter and smoother. It slows down the appearance of wrinkles as well as skin ageing. Donkey milk products also contain various vegetable oils. Argan oil and donkey milk for example have a particularly effective anti-wrinkle action.

3) Skin repair

The healing action of donkey milk can soothe fragile or particularly damaged skin. For example, it can relieve eczema, psoriasis or even acne. Donkey milk based products, especially soaps, are generally suitable for use on allergy-prone skin. In fact, such soaps can gently reduce redness and itching. Donkey milk promotes skin regeneration.

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