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Does crying make you feel better?

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Does crying make you feel better?
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Do you sometimes need to have a good cry?  Of course everyone in the world cries.  It is something completely normal and natural.  If you are reluctant to expose yourself to others, show your fragility, or even you’d rather not succumb to your emotions, have a read of this article. You will see that crying, in fact, helps you get better!

1/ We feel better after we have cried

Having a good old cry can make us feel a lot better.  It is a good way to get rid of all the build up tension, stress and negative emotions.  In fact our body and mind can constantly accumulate diverse types of tensions.  There needs to be a way that we can get rid of these tensions.  Some can do this by practicing a sport, others by watching films or even a creative art form.

Despite everything, one of the best ways lower your emotional feelings is to have a good cry!

2/ You are more human 

Crying sends a strong signal:  “I have a heart, I am human, please help me!” We all have three types of tears.  They are all made of the same thing but they are triggered at different times.

  • Reflex tears : are formed in response to an irritant ;
  • Lubrication tears : Help to lubricate the eye’s cornea;
  • Emotional tears: in response to an emotional stimulus.

This third category of tears send powerful social signals.  Two American sociologists, Sarah Ullman and Raymond Knight, have carried out research on tears.  The have in particular demonstrated that female tears are often considered as manipulation methods.

3/ You avoid getting depressed 


As tear are there to relieve tension,they also help to externalize our anxieties and bring them out into the open.  Through crying we are able to purge ourselves of our negative feelings.

A US study by UCLA demonstrated the role of warning tears. These are the tears that are triggered only in cases of frustration, sadness, etc.  These tears allow the body to understand the danger of the situation.

4/ We are more creative


Artists are often seen as sensitive types. Crying can be a way of exploring new horizons and are necessary for creativity.

If we want to create something we need to get in touch without feelings.  You need to understand, interpret and above all know what feelings are being produces inside us.  Just as emotional tears start to form when are mind is filled with emotions, this is when the creativity period takes hold.

5/ You cry to communicate

You don’t need feel bad about it, we all came into this world crying!  Therefore crying is our first form of communication with people.

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Parents are able to understand that their child is suffering in some way when they start to cry.  They might need to be fed, changed or rocked back to sleep.  As we get older tears remain a way of communicating with people but we don’t need to cry anymore to be fed!  Thankfully!

6/ We can stand up to pain

What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger!  Sometimes we only realise this when we have had a good cry!

Tear are there to relieve tension and often appear when we have hurt ourselves.  Pain is something that our body can deal with as it upsets our internal balance.  This is why tears often prickle at our eyes.

7/ We can make good decisions


We often make better decisions after we have had a good cry as our mind is emptied.  This is often what we can the calm after the storm!

We often start to cry and produce tears so as to relieve tensions in our body.  Alexander Lowen the founder of bio-energetic therapy says that “crying avoids an infernal spiral of anxiety and depression.”  

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