Does bread make you gain weight?

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Does bread make you gain weight?
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When you are following a diet or you are simply watching what you eat, you shouldn’t deny yourself from eating any natural ingredients that you enjoy.  The most important thing you should do is to watch how much you eat.  This is where it can get complicated, especially when it comes to things we eat everyday like bread. However some bread contains many essential nutrients which are important for our health.  This is why you should be aware of what bread types you choose to eat. 

Wholemeal bread has essential nutrients

Wholemeal or wholegrain bread is very rich in fibre.  In fact it contains three times more fibre than a classic loaf.  A baguette with wholemeal grain contains up to 9 g of fibre for 100 g of bread.  Our recommended daily intake of fibre is around 25 g which is the equivalent of approximately 3 slices of wholemeal bread.

But wholemeal or wholegrain bread also contains essential carbohydrates which gives our body energy and gets us through the day.  It can be replaced by pasta, rice, couscous, vegetables and potatoes.

If a meal has no carbohydrate it is recommended that you eat a little wholemeal bread to make up for the lack of this essential element.

Can you eat bread to manage your weight?

Wholemeal bread can in fact help you to manage your weight as it gives you a feeling of being full until your next meal.  This is due to it’s richness in fibres which are essential for the body to function.

The fibres slow down the digestion of sugars which require more time. These fibres reduce the  bread’s glycemic index and prevent carbohydrates being stored in the form of fat.

The bread is therefore very effective at avoiding the urge to have a snack a few hours after your meal.

Eat bread in moderation

If bread is eaten in large quantities or you eat poor quality bread then it can encourage weight gain.  This can also happen if the bread is associated with complex carbohydrate sources.

Therefore you should chose a wholemeal bread that is made organically so that you avoid eating pesticide residue.  In the recent Court Case of Johnson against Monsanto the serious and life-threatening effects of these pesticides was brought to light.  Gluten intolerant people can also try sourdough bread.

Lastly, bread has quite a high salt content which is why people with heart conditions are advised against eating lots of bread.  The same advise is given to people taking drugs for low blood pressure or suffering from water retention.


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