Dental cavities: Avoid the pain with these 8 tips

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Dental cavities: Avoid the pain with these 8 tips
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Here is a list of some of the best tips to avoid dental cavities so that you can still enjoy a sweet treat now and again! 

Many germs can be found in our mouth and when they mix with our saliva and other components derived from acids and sugars they can turn into cavities. Our tooth enamel is attacked which becomes weakened causing cavities that are visible to the naked eye. No medicine can cure them and over time these cavities only get worse. Once the harm is done, the only way to treat a dental cavities is to go to your dentist who will take care of filling the damage with a suitable paste or seal.

However here are some natural tips to avoid your enamel getting attacked by bacteria in your mouth!

1) Drinking tea

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Green tea and black tea are meant to be excellent remedies at combating dental plaque build up. Equipped with antioxidants, these tea leaves can fight against bacteria attacks, preventing them from clinging to your teeth. Tea leaves are also great at freshening your breath as “the proliferation of bacteria is often responsible for bad smells.”

2) Vitamin C cure

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Essential for maintaining the strength of enamel and healthy gums, vitamin C is one of the most essential vitamins for having healthy teeth. An American study found that patients who have less than 60 mg of vitamin C a day are 25% more likely to have dental cavities than people who consume 180 mg daily.

It is also a good idea mix a few drops of lemon juice with a glass of water and gargle after brushing your teeth. Lemon’s acidic pH helps to counteract bacteria.

3) Aware of when to brush your teeth

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As surprising as it might seem, toothpaste mixed with the acidity of fizzy drinks for example can be harmful for your teeth.  The best thing to do is to rinse your mouth with water after having drunk a sugary drink and then wait a few minutes before brushing your teeth.

4) No limit on wholemeal grains!

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Wholemeal grains maintain blood sugar levels and can help to prevent diabetes and heart disease.  Just like spinach and bananas, the are filled with magnesium.  Another American study which looked at 34, 00 people, revealed that people who ate grains 3 times per day had 25% less of a risk of suffering from dental problems.

5) Apples, carrots and celery are perfect snacks

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These foods are like natural toothbrushes when you chew them as they stimulate saliva production which eliminates many bacteria. Raw foods are particularly rich in minerals and vitamins. Their fibrous texture and acidic properties are also good ways to prevent dental plaque from forming.

6) Sugar free chewing gum is not all bad!

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Chewing gums can be used as a toothbrush in an emergency. The chewing action encourages saliva which is necessary for cleaning bacteria. In addition, chewing gum contains xylitol, a substance that helps neutralize bacteria, and chewing contributes directly to cleaning teeth while stimulating saliva production. Nevertheless, this product can not replace the act of brushing your teeth everyday!

7)  Brushing your tongue and using floss

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In addition to brushing your teeth (at least twice a day with an electric or sonic toothbrush, ideally), scraping your tongue clean and using dental floss can help to reach hidden bacteria. It is also advisable to use mouthwash products containing fluorine and a small percentage of chlorhexidine (0.02%), after brushing your teeth.

8) Drinking milk

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Our bones and teeth make up 99% of our body’s calcium. Drinking dairy products can strengthen our bones, but it also protects our enamel and prevents teeth coming loose. Almonds, fortified soy products and “dark leafy” vegetables are also strongly recommended.

So let’s start crunching raw vegetables, eating wholegrain cereals and drinking tea … after treating ourselves to some of the sweets lying around the house of course!

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