Daily habits that you should stop straight away

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Daily habits that you should stop straight away
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If you sleep in your underwear, you sometimes borrow a towel off a friend or you don’t wash your hands before going to the toilet, you need to change your hygiene tactics!  Did you know that these habits are bad for your body because they allow bacteria to spread and can harm our health.  You should change these habits now! 

Even using your partners toothbrush, just once, is something to be avoided.  These are habits you should stop straight away because they are not at all hygienic.

1. Never cleaning your mobile phone

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We know we should, and yet we don’t do it.  Clean your phone two to three times a day with a special antiseptic wipe. Does that sound like too much to handle? We use our phone all the time, at the table, on public transport, even in the bathroom. After doing all that, we stick it to our ear and then put it next to the bed … doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?  While you’re at it, think about cleaning your keyboard and remote control too.

2. Putting your bag on the table

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You take you bag with you everywhere you go and then you put it on the kitchen table or worse your bed! This is a bad habit you need to forget straight away! By doing this, you spread bacteria all over your intimate surroundings.  Depending on the humidity levels in the room, these bacteria can develop very quickly.  Stop this habit and buy a hook to hang your bag or store your shopping bags in your shoe cupboard.
One other thing, don’t put your suitcase on the bed after a weekend away. Stop and think of all the pavements your case rolled over during your romantic getaway …

3. Forget to wash your hands before going to the toilet

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You may be used to washing your hands after going to the toilet but it is also essential to pass by the sink before going to the toilet too.  If we don’t we can pick up bacteria which is bad for our body and can harm our health.

4. Make your bed with hospital corners

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If your mum told you when you were young that you had to make your bed before breakfast, she forgot to tell you that you shouldn’t pull your bed covers under the pillow. Every morning the mattress and bed linen need to breath to air out your sweat from the previous night. Even worse, bad odors due to mites will take over your room… not very glamorous.

5.Put your finger into a pot of lip balm

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When your lips are dry, do you use a tub of lip balm to hydrate them.  If you have dirty hands then you will contaminate the lip balm with bacteria which you then transfer to your lips.  When applied lip balm is oily and a little hot which are the ideal conditions for bacteria to spread.

6. Cut a melon before washing

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Most of us wash our fruit and vegetable before peeling or eating them. But how many of us wash a melon or a watermelon before putting it in our mouths? To limit indigestion, wash your melon before cutting it up on a special plate. Keep only the pieces of fruit which have been previously peeled and washed on the table. If you want the rest of the melon on the table which hasn’t been peeled make sure you give it a rinse.

7. Sleep with you pants on

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In a previous article we have explained why it is important to sleep without wearing your underwear.  You could risk getting a urinary infection especially if you wear a synthetic material. Forget about wearing your pants to bed.  It’s a bad night-time habit.

8. Sharing your partners towel

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Have you already wiped your mouth on your partners towel? Of course you have, we all do it! However before you do this again, think about all the dead cells and bacteria which are invisible to the naked eye.  What’s more, the humidity in the bathroom encourages more germs.  Always wear flip-flops when you go swimming or to the sauna or steam room.  This will protect your feet from verrucas and fungal infections which can be found in these public places.

9. Drinking a can of fizzy juice

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Try to buy bottles of juice instead of cans when you are on holiday with your friends. They are  cleaner and you can pore it into a glass.  Cans in the other hand are more unhygienic.  Once you open a can the cap which is covered in bacteria goes straight into your drink!

10. Wearing the same bra for several days

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This is also the same for socks.  Normally we change our underwear everyday.  Our undergarments rub against our skin in places that sweat which can lead to infections developing.

11. Wearing new clothes without washing them

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You should always wash a new item of clothing before wearing even if it is difficult to resist.  You don’t know how many times it has been tried on, whether the people sweated or not and where the item has be lying around.

12. Not washing your hands after taking out money

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We know that coins and notes are very dirty as they are used but thousands of people and are never washed. Always keep a hand sanitiser in your hand bag to disinfect your hands and prevent the spread of bacteria. Think about using the sanitiser after taking money out as you don’t know who has used the machine before you.

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