Creative activities have undeniable benefits for your brain

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Creative activities have undeniable benefits for your brain
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Creative activities have the power to activate certain regions of the brain and can improve your psychomotor coordination meaning your ability to multi-task.  As well as being ideal for actively occupying children and having fun as an adult, these manual activities are also meant to benefit your brain!

Improve your well being with crafty pursuits

Several studies have shown that manual and artistic activities are considered an effective natural therapy for combating stress and keep negative thoughts at bay.  These activities release pleasure hormones in the brain, improving the person’s well-being and helping them to relax.

According to as study by Betsan Corkhill who looked at 3,545 knitters, manual activities and memory or concentration games will improve your brains development and your emotional health.  About 50% of the people questioned confirmed that knitting increased their happiness and helped them to relax.

The study also asked the participants how many times per week they picked up their knitting per week.  According to the results, those who knitted three to four times per week felt calmer and happier that those who knitted less.

Improving psychometric abilities

Creative pursuits can improve the development of psychometric abilities especially when you regularly carried out these activities during your childhood.  Your reactions are quicker and actions are more precise if picks up a manual activity regularly as a child or adult.

Developing self confidence

All you need is a few minutes per day to dedicate to your creative hobby to maintain a better and healthier brain. It doesn’t matter what manual activity you like to do.  It could be knitting, painting, drawing, modeling, sculpting, colouring, origami.. the list is endless!  Through these creative pursuits you’ll express more creativity, imagination and confidence. 

Manual activities can also help combat cerebral degeneration

According to another study published in the magazine Neurology, artistic activities could lower the risk of slight cognitive deterioration.

They concluded that when people who carried out artistic activities (sculpture, photography, drawing..) reached their middle to later years had 73% less risk of developing a slight cognitive deterioration in comparison to those who didn’t carry out any creative pursuit.  Furthermore, those who practiced a creative hobby had 45% less risk of developing dementia to those who didn’t practice an artistic hobby.

There is no need to spend lots of cash getting specific utensils or arts and craft materials if you don’t want to.  It is very easy to use simple materials that you can find around the house that are  both recyclable and economical.


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