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Can making love at the end of pregnancy bring on labour?

Can making love at the end of pregnancy bring on labour?
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During pregnancy, some couples can tend to believe that having sex can trigger labour, and therefore they avoid it. It would be a pity to deny yourselves the intense pleasure that goes with sex during pregnancy, because making love is not dangerous for the baby, and can only very rarely bring on labour. So in what situations can this happen? 

How can having sex trigger childbirth?

Only at the end of pregnancy, and even then in rare cases, making love can trigger childbirth because of the contractions at the time of orgasm and the prostglandins contained in the sperm. 

In any case, the effect will not be immediate. First of all, it will take longer if it is your first baby. For people who have already had one or more children, and who are close to term, it could take effect after about 30 minutes.

Physiologically speaking, sperm contains prostglandins, hormones which can trigger contractions and labour. To medically induce labour, women who are at term are sometimes given prostglandin suppositories.

Is making love dangerous for the baby?

No, up until the day before birth, having sex is not dangerous for either the foetus or the mother, except that in rare cases, rough sex can cause the waters to break and thus the woman gives birth. In this case, there is a danger that a baby could be born prematurely, who otherwise would have stayed in the womb until full term.

Be careful also when the cervix is dilated, generally doctors recommend that at such a time expectant mothers reduce their sexual activity, so that the baby is not born prematurely.