Can having sex improve your memory?

Can having sex improve your memory?
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According to a study published in November 2016 by researchers in neuroscience and psychology in the University of Montreal in Canada, the frequency with which we have penetrative sex could be associated with better memory in adult women. But how? And is this discovery only relevant to women? 

Does sex improve your memory?

The researchers noticed that there were no existing studies on the potential benefits of frequent penetrative sex on memory in young women. Their study therefore enquired as to the frequency of penetrative sex and its impact on memory among a group of healthy young students.

To see whether there was an impact, positive or otherwise, the researchers examined the differences in the frequency of penetrative sex among 78 heterosexual women aged from 18 to 29.

They asked them to take a computer memory test, by presenting abstract words and neutral faces. The results showed that the frequency of penetrative sex had a positive impact on memory for abstract words, but not for faces.

Penetrative sex has real benefits for the brain!

In fact, the memory for words depends on the hippocampus, a fairly widespread part of the brain, while the memory for faces can be found in an upper part of the brain surrounding the hippocampus. Memory essentially depends on the hippocampus, which appears to be stimulated in young women who have regular penetrative sex.

Another reason that could explain the effects of penetrative sex on the brain and memory is the dopamine that is released during orgasm, which is also called the “happiness” chemical. This leads to cell regeneration, thus improving memory capacity.

In short, can pleasure rejuvenate you?! We’re happy to try and find out!