Brushing your tongue: is it a good idea?

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Brushing your tongue: is it a good idea?
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When it comes your dental hygiene you often only ever think about your teeth.  However is it also good to brush your tongue as well? We can often think brushing your tongue can help get rid of bad breath.  However is it good to brush your tongue everyday like our teeth. Well let’s hear what the experts say from the French Dental Association… Read on to find out more! 

Is there a link between the digestive tract and the tongue ?

According to professionals from the French Dental Association it is not recommended that you brush your tongue daily, regardless of what you use: whether it is a brush or a tongue scraper.

If you brush your tongue daily it can irritate the tongue and, according to Sophie-Myriam Drid, an oral-dental doctor, can  “upset the balance of good bacteria which colonize the digestive tract.”

Bacteria found in the month and on the tongue are not necessarily at the root of illnesses, but the opposite.  Some of these bacteria are indispensable to prevent bad bacteria from proliferating as well as producing vitamins and encouraging digestion.

However brushing or scrapping your tongue too frequently can get rid of all the bacteria, both the good and the bad and can risk preventing the good bacteria from carrying out their role, which can have a effect on digestive problems.  What is more, the habit of brushing your tongue can destroy taste buds and alter your taste.

There are natural remedies

Saliva is there to clean the tongue.  There is not point in brushing your tongue to get rid of bad breath as it is often linked to stomach or digestive problems or the state of your dental plaque which which might be needing cleaned.  There are many ingredients or natural products that can help you to get rid of a bad breath.  Here are a few examples.

It is possible that smokers can occasionally brush their tongue to try reduce the risk of tongue cancer.


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