Body hair: 6 natural remedies to slow regrowth

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Body hair: 6 natural remedies to slow regrowth
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Body hair may be becoming trendy among celebrities and bloggers wanting to assert themselves by making a stand against normal beauty standards.  However despite our best efforts to stop, some us still continue to get rid of body hair.  If you are one of these people and if you want to above all respect your skin and your health, here are six natural methods to remove body hair. 

Over the last few years, a lot of online influencers have posted photos on social networks to make stand against completely removing body hair.  Some leave all their body hair to grow naturally for one year, others don’t shave under their armpits.  All the same, the battle against body hair remains a common struggle for young teenagers and adults alike, especially during the summer months.  So how can we naturally remove body hair?

1. Lemon

Lemon is known for being used in natural beauty products as it is good for our skin. Preventing hair regrowth is just one of its multiple beauty care properties.

Our natural method: The simplest method is to apply half a lemon onto shaved areas avoiding irritated skin.  You can also mix the juice of half a lemon with 500 ml of water and 5 cloves.  Heat up the mixture for several minutes on the hob.  After waiting for the mixture to cool, apply onto your shaved areas.

2. Sage

Sage can be used in a number of ways to prevent body hair regrowth. One option is to rub shaved areas with sage leaves however the best method is to use sage essential oil.

Our natural method : To get started, add a handful of sage leaves to a jar of vegetable oil leaving to infuse. Apply the concoction a few minutes after epliation to calm down the skin. Repeat this process every night to reduce hair regrowth.  This oil will have a surprising effect if used in the long term!

3. Nutsedge essential oil

A little known about ingredient, Nutsedge essential oil is a very good method to reduce the growth of body hair.  As well as preventing regrowth it also reduces red marks and bumps that often appear after shaving.

Our natural method:  To get the most satisfying results, apply the nutsedge essential oil directly onto the skin or mix it well with a moisturising lotion.

4.  Heather hybrid

You can easily find this plant in the garden or in the countryside.  Try to choose a hybrid version of heather.

Our natural method :  Remove 30 blooms of the heather hybrid and leave them immersed in a liter of hot water for a day. Rub the petals onto the shaved areas of your skin for 10 minutes.  You will start to notice a reduction in hair growth after about three months of starting this routine on your legs.

5. Turmeric

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This spice can also do wonders to reduce body hair regrowth.

Our natural method : Create a flexible paste by mixing the powdered turmeric with natural yogurt. After shaving, rub the mixture for several minutes under your armpits and on your bikini line.  Repeat this process as many times as possible throughout the week to achieve the best results.

6. Powdered milk

The method of using powdered milk can also reveal surprising and convincing results.

Our natural method :  Mix the powdered milk with mineral water looking to create a creamy texture.  Regularly apply this mixture onto the area where you want to reduce body hair growth.

A few last words…

A few last words of advice to have the perfect skin after shaving:

  • Eat soya:  This plant has little known benefits however it is very useful in fighting body hair regrowth.  Soya increases the level of estrogen in our body which helps to counterbalance our androgen levels which is the body hair hormone;
  • Drink mint tea: Mint also counterbalances the level of androgen in our body.  Drink non-sugared mint tea two times per day to make the most of its benefits (It is even better to use fresh mint leaves);
  • Exfoliate your skin every week: Exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 times per week on shaved areas to make it easier the next time you shave.  To make your own exfoliator you can use ground coffee: it’s both natural and economical!
  • Moisturise your skin everyday: Shaving aggravates the skin so don’t give this beauty procedure a miss – it’s important to moisturise!

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