Blisters on your feet: 6 ways to prevent them

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At some point, you are sure to have suffered from blisters on your feet: when wearing new shoes, or after repeated movements, the constant rubbing can leave its mark. To prevent the risk of blisters on your heels or toes, choose one of these six tips, and stroll away without a care in the world! 

1. Moisturiser

Just before putting on a new pair of shoes, apply a pea sized amount of moisturiser both to your feet and to the shoes. Make sure to massage it well in to the affected areas, particularly areas of friction which could end up with blisters.

2. Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is a natural product that is an absolute must have around the home. In order to prevent blisters, generously apply the gel, making sure that it is well absorbed by the skin. It will hydrate  your skin and protect it from blisters. 

If a blister has already appeared, you can also use aloe vera to soothe the pain. In fact, it works effectively against the appearance of infections, as long as you apply it twice daily.

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3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is another highly effective natural product when it comes to preventing blisters on your feet. As with moisturiser, coconut oil is applied to both the skin and to the shoe. Its antibacterial properties prove ideal for treating the affected area, but it also works well in a preventative capacity.

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4. Talcum powder

The powder, although originally intended for babies, can nonetheless prove effective in the prevention of blisters. You simply need so sprinkle some on your feet and on the shoes to reduce the humidity linked to sweating.

5. Vaseline

Like with moisturiser and coconut oil, Vaseline keeps the skin soft and supple and prevents unpleasant and painful rubbing against shoes. Take a little Vaseline on the tip of your finger, and massage it into any blister-prone areas.

6. Alcohol

Finally, for leather shoes (but only leather ones!), alcohol can have a softening effect that significantly enlarges the shoes. To reduce the risk of blisters on your feet, soak a sheet of newspaper in alcohol and squeeze it into the shoe (aiming to fill the shoe completely with damp newspaper). Leave it to sit for several hours, and you will be left with larger shoes and therefore – in theory – fewer blisters on your feet!

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