Benefits of singing for you and your children’s health

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Benefits of singing for you and your children’s health
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We already know that music has surprising benefits on our brain.  This is why music therapy is offered in many hospitals to help treat patients.  However according to Gerald Kierzek a French paramedic doctor and medical writer for Europe 1 radio station, singing has many unknown benefits for our health and especially our children’s health.  Read on to discover more about the benefits of singing and creative activities for you and your children. 

Singing in schools

Seeing as music and singing releases endorphins just like sport, choirs are an excellent social activity for school children to join.  Many studies have shown that singing is a great way to relax as it reduce levels or stress, anxiety and depression that many school children suffer from.  However singing in a group enhances the benefits of singing individually ten fold as your have a sense of participation, belonging and enjoyment when you sing in a group.

Around 90% of secondary school teachers that participated in the 2013 the Find Your Voice pilot noted that their students increased their confidence in classroom participation.  The Sing Up project also states that singing promotes student’s self esteem and is an excellent outlet for emotions which many school students can struggle with.

One Bradford primary school showed that focusing on more creative activities across the school improved their Sat results.  This highlights the benefits of music on the students intellectual capacities.  The article in The Guardian from 2017, noted how attendance at the school rose to 98%, as the number of hours of music increased. At the school the children had at least 2 hours of music per week and an individual 30 minute music lesson and an hour long music assembly with group singing and guest musicians.

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Singing: what are the benefits?

According to doctor Gérald Kierzek, singing has many positive benefits for your body and spirit:

  • The vibrations when you sing harmonise with your body’s energy,
  • Allows you to express your emotions and learn how to control them,
  • Music and song stimulates the motor areas of the brain.
  • Similar to physical activities, studies have shown that singing has the same effects as yoga and breathing exercises,
  • Helps you to relax and release endorphins and ocytoncins which are natural pleasure hormones,
  • Improves your cardiovascular health,
  • According to studies it increase the success rate of cancer treatments.

With all this information about the benefits of singing you should try and enroll yourself and your children into a choir or see what creative opportunities are available in the community. Of course singing is not for everyone but people should not be put off.  You should forget about any negative comments you might have received as everyone can sing.  The most important part is enjoying yourself and feeling part of a group activity!


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