Benefits of organic foods proven in a study

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Benefits of organic foods proven in a study
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A study published in October 2017 in the scientific journal “Environmental Health” showed that our agricultural systems have an impact on our health.  The study compared the differences between conventional, intensive farming which is rich in pesticides and organic farming.  Without much surprise, the study revealed that organic foods are better for our health.  Let’s see why. 

1) Organic foods reduce obesity risks

According to the researchers results, obesity risks lower by 31% for people who eat organic food products.  They stress that people who buy organic foods tend to eat more fruit, vegetables and grains and buy less meat.  However this is a great diet to stay in good shape as well as doing regular exercise.

2) Healthier for our body

Given that organic foods don’t use pesticides or GM crops, eating these types of food products means our body is less exposed to pesticides which are known to encourage side effects or illnesses.

3) Protects a fetus brain

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4) Does organic food make you more intelligent?

Researchers have revealed that regular buyers of organic food have a higher IQ than those who buy less frequently or not at all.  The insecticides used in conventional agriculture are neurotoxic.  According to the study, more than 100 different pesticides have harmful neurological effects on humans.

5) Lowers your resistance to antibiotics

Organic foods don’t use antibiotics on animals so as to prevent illnesses.  Unlike conventional agriculture, organic farming doesn’t give animals or humans antibiotic resistance to bacteria.  Therefore eating organically will reduce your risk of developing a resistance to antibiotics which is useful when you really need them.

6) Reduces the risk of chronic illnesses

The study published in the scientific journal “Environmental Health” has also shown that eating organic products reduces the risk of chronic illnesses thanks to the lack of pesticides. This includes illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses, Parkinson’s disease or other types of cancers.

According to the researchers organic food and agriculture allows you to have better “respect for the environment and a better quality of health.”


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