Baldness: why is it sometimes unavoidable after the age of 35?

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Baldness: why is it sometimes unavoidable after the age of 35?
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Certain government health agencies have recently alerted users of Finasteride to the undesirable side effects of this product, which is supposed to stimulate hair regrowth in men. So is baldness unavoidable for men? And why does it affect two in every three men from the age of 35?

Where do the genes responsible for baldness come from -the mother or the father?

It is normal to lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs per day, but when men start to lose more than this, it is generally a matter of going bald, which happens to 2 in every 3 men from the age of 35 years onwards, although it can also start at a younger age.

In most cases, the reason is hereditary. Two teams of researchers have discovered the genetic origins of baldness in men, and their results were published in the scientific journal Nature Genetics.

The genes associated with baldness are transmitted by both the mother and the father, according to the first team of researchers in the Institut für Humanagenetik, in the University of Bonn in Germany. The researchers compared the DNA of 296 men who were losing their hair to 347 men who did not have the same problem, which allowed them to identify two genes responsible for baldness. 

In 2005, the same researchers had already found a gene for baldness on the X chromosome, and they thus believed that it was transmitted only between mother and son. But this new discovery shows that a second gene, found on chromosome 20, is also responsible for baldness. However, this gene can be inherited from either the father or the mother. 

The results of this study were confirmed by a second team of American and European researchers, according to whom “1 in 7 men possess both risk variants (the X chromosome gene and the chromosome 20 gene), making up 14% of the total population”. 


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