Avid coffee drinker? Try homemade remedies using coffee grounds

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Avid coffee drinker? Try homemade remedies using coffee grounds
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Do you drink lots of coffee everyday?  Well you might be wasting a lot of coffee grounds that can be used in multiple homemade remedies!  We often throw away our coffee grains without any thought, either the bin on the compost if you are lucky to have one. We can do lots of great things with coffee grounds so that you don’t have waste them again.  Read on to find out more about coffee ground remedies! 

1) Face mask for a perfect complexion

Let’s start by getting ourselves a perfect complexion by using some leftover coffee grounds.  Yes it is possible! All you need to do is to mix coffee grounds in equal proportions to egg whites.  Mix everything together so that you can create a paste.  Apply onto your and neck and leave for 10 minutes.  

Once you have left it for long enough, rinse your face using clear water.  You can finish by using a little floral rose, lavender or thyme water, depending on you preference.

Egg whites help to firm up our skin which can prevent wrinkles from forming. The caffeine in the coffee grounds can help to tone our epidermis.

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2) Put an end to bags under your eyes 

Do you sometimes suffer from bags under your eyes.  It can be caused by tiredness, using too many screens or your glasses.  One thing is for sure, baggy eyes are annoying!  So here is a great tip that you will love!  

Mix some a spoon of coffee grounds into some cottage cheese with a couple of drops of lemon juice and leave everything to cool in the fridge for a couple of hours.  Your paste should set.  Once the mixture is cooled, place a bit under your eyes and leave to sit for about 15 minutes before cleaning your face with some cotton.

Too finish off you can apply a little floral rose water or ever by massaging your bags with some avocado oil. 

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3) Exfoliating scrub

Nothing is better than coffee grounds if you want a soft scrub.  As well as toning your skin the, grains of coffee will also help to get rid of any dead skin.

You can use coffee ground on your body while you are in the show.  Make circular movements as you massage your skin which will firm up your skin and eliminate impurities

You can make a face scrub using a spoon of coffee grounds, sweet almond oil and some honey.  Apply this mixture onto your face by massaging gently. 

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4) Remedy for a sprain 

This last remedy helps you to hang in there if you have suffered a slight strain.  If the pain persists you should of course make an appointment with your doctor.

Apply the coffee grounds that are still slightly warm onto the painful area and leave to rest for a few moments.  Lastly rinse the coffee grounds away using warm, clean water.. 


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