At what age do children start to become conscious of their parents’ nudity?

At what age do children start to become conscious of their parents’ nudity?
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It can happen from time to time that parents are nude in front of their children, especially when they take a bath with the littlest ones, to share this moment with them, without ending up with a bad back! But from what age can the children start to be conscious of this practice, and perturbed by their parents’ nudity?

The age of awareness of sex, and what it means

Modesty is a concept that is very subjective. Although most people avoid being nude in front of their children from a certain age onwards, other people decide to raise their children with a more open attitude to nudity and modesty.
Certainly, psychologists have something to say on the matter. According to them, children between 3 and 5 years old are not at all bothered by their parents’ nudity. From 4 to 5 years onwards, the child becomes more curious, and starts to ask questions, particularly about the genitals. It’s up to you to decide whether to respond or to wait a few years!
From the age of onwards, children can manifest what is known as the Oedipus complex, a period in which they start showing particular interest in their opposite sex parent. A little girl may start to become very close to her father, and a little boy may become very attached to his mother. If a child starts to engage in overly intimate or inappropriate gestures (hands on their mother’s breasts, kisses on the lips, etc.), it could be important to create a little distance. 
From the age of 6 onwards, a child is able to wash themselves and get dressed independently. 

7 years old: discovery of pleasure

According to psychologists, from about the age of 7 onwards, a child becomes conscious of the erogenous zones in their bodies, and they start exploring them and discovering pleasure of a sexual origin for themselves. From this age onwards, it is better to avoid allowing them see you naked.

This is also the age for the first little “girlfriends” or “boyfriends” at school, and sometimes the age at which children have their first kiss on the mouth. At 7 years old, children are already capable of falling in love, and some of them are aware of “how to make babies”.

9/11 years old: the age of modesty

Around the age of 9 for a girl and 11 for a boy, children tend to become modest in the bathroom or their bedrooms and no longer want their parents to see them naked.

This is also the age at which they start to understand that they need to knock before going into their parents’ room, and why certain things relating to sexuality are forbidden because of their young age.

Usually at this age, children are disgusted by displays of affection and they are not interested in the opposite sex. However, of course certain children are precocious in this respect. Even though in certain countries, young girls traditionally get married between the ages of 10 and 14, it is important to explain to your children that these marriages are generally forced marriages and that it is better for girls to continue to go to school and to spend time with their friends, than to get pregnant at 14 years of age.

12: the age of desire

From about 12 years old on, pre-teens start to become aware of sexual desire. There is no point trying to monitor them constantly, they will do what they are going to do with or without your permission! If your pre-teen asks you questions or if you feel that they have a need to talk, respond to their questions and talk to them about things like contraception. Talk to them about the importance of protecting themselves against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections or diseases (STIs/STDs). Outside of the times when they ask you to listen or ask you for help, you can talk to them about such things from time to tome, but keep your distance and respect their wishes for privacy. 

According to, the average age at which a person has sex for the first time in the UK is just under 18.3 years old for girls, and just over 18.3 years old for boys.