Anal sex: Necessary conditions to reach intense pleasure

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Anal sex: Necessary conditions to reach intense pleasure
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Anal sex can give you intense pleasure according to sexologists and those who practice it. The anal area is made up of many nerve endings and two muscles called sphincters which make it sensitive to stimulation. However what conditions must you have to reach an anal orgasm?  

Anal orgasm: Good conditions

According to sexologists it is important for your partner to be stimulated during foreplay so as to avoid pain during anal penetration.  Foreplay helps your partner get into a fairly intense state of excitation so the sphincters muscles dilate allowing penetration.  However it is also recommended that you use a natural lubricant gel or manual stimulation before penetration.

In any case, the stimulated person needs to let go completely to reach an orgasm.  This means they need to trust and have a great connection with their partner as well as perfect bodily hygiene.

Softness is the key

For men and women alike, touching, kissing and masturbation are all part of foreplay that is generally necessary in preparation for an anal orgasm.

However, so that a woman can reach an anal orgasm, it is recommended to follow the above advice about foreplay and to use the famous golden trio rule which includes:

  • Genital stimulation (clitoral, vaginal),
  • Kisses with your tongue,
  • Oral sex (cunnilingus).

According to the results of a study about female orgasms, these three techniques are approved by 80% of heterosexual women and by 91% of homosexual women.

Avoid going from an anal penetration to a vaginal penetration so as to limit the risk of infection or change the condom between each type of sexual intercourse.

Lastly, anal penetration should be slow and guided gradually by the partner.  Communication is therefore essential so this type of sexual relation is fun and pleasurable.


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