Almonds: 5 great reasons to eat these nuts

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Eating the recommended 28 g of almonds per day could have multiple benefits on your health. Almonds are a brilliant source of natural goodness that you can eat everyday. Full of essential vitamins, and gluten free, here are 5 good reasons to let yourself be tempted by these delicious, healthy nuts.

1. Almonds are good for the heart

Eating almonds is good for your health.  They are great for combating cardiovascular problems, diabetes and bad cholesterol.  These nuts can also help prevent hypertension and strokes.

You can eat almonds in all types of formats:

  • natural,
  • grilled,
  • buttered,
  • ground.

2. Regenerates your skin

Even if our body ages almonds can help keep your skin looking young.  Containing high antioxidant powers, almonds can help with skin cell regeneration.  What’s more, with the help of vitamin E, almonds can effectively protect our cells from negative stresses of daily life.

They are also a source of protein.  Just like the foods that make up a Mediterranean diet, almonds can help keep our skin looking young.  Say goodbye to wrinkles!

3.  Great on a diet

You’ll stop the desire to snack. The recommended  28 g of almonds can be eaten at 10 am, 11, am or 4 pm. Put simply at any time you fancy!

Eating this nut will help abate your hunger and will reduce your need to eat calorie laden food during the day.  No longer any need for a biscuit or a sweetie perk-me up. Pass the almonds, please!

If you are on a diet, you can still eat almonds.  Due to the low calorie levels and their numerous nutrients, almonds are great to eat even if your are watching what you eat.

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4. Fights against intestinal illnesses

People suffering from chronic inflammatory bowel illnesses can improve their symptoms by eating 28 g of almonds per day.  Crohn’s disease suffers need to follow a specific diet.  In this situation, almonds can be eaten without any need for concern.

A study appeared in the Journal Of Clinical Oncology showed that eating shelled nuts like almonds could reduce the risk of relapse for colon cancer.

5. Great for an energy boost

Rich in vitamins, nutrients and numerous benefits like calcium, potassium, magnesium among others, almonds are great energy source.  They can stimulate your brain and improve your concentration as well as your memory.

Almonds can also boost your immune system and your metabolism by reducing tiredness and exhaustion.  However you should not eat more than 28 g of almonds per day.

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