All you need to know about female and male orgasms

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All you need to know about female and male orgasms
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We have published articles about different types of female and male orgasms but this is a special article.  In it we are going to look at all types of male, female and mixed orgasms! Read on to discover more about all types of orgasms! 

Different female orgasms

Vaginal orgasm

According to study already looked at in a previous article, there are three rules to follow when reaching a female orgasm.  Only 35% of heterosexual women said that they had an orgasm exclusively after contact with the vagina.  Most women need to be stimulated by kissing (foreplay) and clitoral stimulation.

There are many points which lead to a vaginal orgasm:

  • The G point is found 2 to 3 cm after the entrance to the vagina near the base of the stomach.  This area has many nerve endings which gives it a rough appearance. The best way to reach it is to use a finger or a sex toy.
  • The Deep Spot is divided into two point: The Front Deep Spot, found 7 cm from the vagina’s entrance near the abdominal wall and the Back Deep Spot found at about 9 cm on the other side of the vaginal wall near the colon.

Clitoris orgasm

The clitoris orgasm in the most common for women.  It is reached by stimulating the clitoris for varying lengths of time with fingers, tongue or a sex toy.

Mixed orgasms: Anal orgasm

This orgasm does not involve a male ejaculation but it can apparently involve a female ejaculation in some cases.

According to sexologists reaching this orgasm depends on several steps for both men and women.  Foreplay which helps to get you into a state of quite intense excitement helps with penetration and well as letting go, feeling relaxed and speaking with your partner.  Touching, kissing and masturbating are indispensable in the foreplay process needed to have an anal orgasm.

Different male orgasms

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As well as anal orgasms, men can experience several other orgasms:

  • Gland orgasm, can be reached by making back and forth movements on the gland covered by the foreskin. This is the most common type of orgasm..
  • Penile orgasm can not be obtained when the gland is covered by the foreskin as it is located more at the base and under the penis, at the level of the urethra. This gesture may require the use of both hands
  • Prostrate orgasm, located at the point P, on the prostate and under the bladder, about 7 cm deep in the upper wall of the rectum. This point can be stimulated either by an external massage of the perineum, between the scrotum and the anus, or by anal stimulation.

Here is a statement from a man who describes his penile orgasm on the forum site of Doctissimo:  “When I have an orgasm, I am short of breath, I feel dizzy and have a very powerful orgasm that gives me the impression that my heart will literally stop. The longer the stimulation, the longer the orgasm (…) I can get orgasms that last up to almost 30 seconds.”


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