Alcohol: why one glass is okay, but two is not!

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Alcohol: why one glass is okay, but two is not!
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According to a study published in BMC Medicine, Swedish researchers in the Karolinska Institute analysed 25 papers on the subject, and concluded that excessive consumption of alcohol increases the risk of stroke, specifically heamorragic stroke. In concrete terms, blood clots block the damaged cerebral arteries. So how many glasses a day increases the probability of having a stroke?  

From two glasses of alcohol per day, you increase your risk of haemorrhagic stroke

According to the Swedish researchers, drinking more than two glasses of alcohol per day increases the risks of developing a haemorrhagic stroke, which occurs when a weakened blood vessel ruptures. People who drink a lot of alcohol run 1.6 times the risk of having a brain haemorrhage.

How do you reduce your risk of stroke without giving up alcohol?

According to the scientists, the link between mild to moderate alcohol consumption and low levels of fibrinogen, a protein that helps form blood clots, could explain the varying risk of ischaemic stroke.

Almost 70,000 new cases of cancer in the world every year are linked to alcohol. Consuming alcohol affects blood pressure, which is a risk factor for a major stroke.

Conclusion: according to the researchers, it is better to limit yourself to 1 glass of alcohol per day. The study did not specify the effects of specific alcohols based on their strength and content.