A bit of body fat can be good for your heath, depending on where

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A bit of body fat can be good for your heath, depending on where
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According to a study led by a team of German researchers, a little bit of body fat covering certain parts of your body could be beneficial for your health.  The study, published in the Cell Metabolism journal, did note that these health benefits depended on whether you had a normal BMI (Body Mass Index).   Let’s find out where we can gain a bit of body fat!

Is body fat allowed on lower parts of your body?

Researchers wanted to find out why many people with a normal BMI often suffered from a bad metabolism.  From the results of their study, they concluded that thinness wasn’t necessarily a sign or being healthy.

According to the researchers, a little bit of body fat in the lower part of your body could act as a natural protection to metabolic problems.  These problems are relative to other reactions that can take place in the body such as cardiovascular problems or diabetes.

Authors of the study give one hypothesis:  if the fat is based the in lower part of your body it will be more likely to stay where it is.  However when the fat is based in the upper half of the body it can pass into the blood and reach organs like your heart and liver causing cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes or hypertension.

The waist and the thighs are a good place to store body fat,” concludes co author Norbert Stefan, from Tübingen University Hospital, Germany.

20%of people with a normal BMI affected

The study was carried out on 1000 people with a normal BMI, who were over weight or obese. Researchers focused on people with normal BMI but with poor metabolic health, for example people suffering from diabetes and heart problems, or hypertension and insulin resistance.

Of the people with a normal BMI, 20% were affected by metabolic health issues.  More than thirty people sometimes suffering more so than those who were considered obese.

Further research has to be carried out to better understand our bodies however health foods and nutritherapy can already help the body to store less fat and build up fat in the right areas.

Body fat stored around the hips and thighs are meant to be caused by the female hormone estrogen.

Here are some natural products rich in estrogen

  • soy, tofu;
  • hop cones;
  • clover, alfalfa;
  • carrots, garlic;
  • lentils, chickpeas;
  • flaxseed, sunflower seeds, etc.

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