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    Does driving make us less intelligent?


    A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed a link between driving and the loss of grey matter.  The study British researchers have carried out a study on a panel of 500 000 people aged between 37 and 73 who regularly took memory and intelligence tests over the last five years. The study produced two […] More

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    Constipation: what food can relieve symptoms


    One in two women suffer from constipation.  This frequent and sometimes painful nuisance can be provoked by several factors. Stress, lack of exercise, dehydration or an unbalanced diet are the most common causes of constipation. Taking a laxative to cure the symptoms isn’t always the best solution and it is often better to make simple […] More

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    Youthfulness: 15 tips to slow down signs of ageing


    Everyone has dreamt of being gifted with eternal youth.  Growing old can seem terrifying, because we are getting closer to the other side. However there are some tips you can follow which can slow down this inevitable process.  Here are some simple and natural steps which can keep you in good shape longer without having […] More

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    Why choose seasonal fruit and vegetables?

    seasonal fruit and vegetables

    Eating natural products has numerous advantages for your health but also for your wallet and for the planet.  If you stick a calendar of seasonal fruit and vegetables to your fridge you’ll find it easier to eat healthily but also more conscientiously.  Knowing when to eat certain produce throughout the year is something we all […] More

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    Do you want to fall in love? Answer these 36 questions

    fall in love

    In 1997, when studying the concept of intimacy, Arthur Aron, psychology professor at Stony Brook University, New York created a questionnaire designed for two people who didn’t know each other so they could fall in love. The results quickly surpassed his initial hopes for the project. One of the trial couples even went on to marry […] More

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    Dandruff: 5 natural remedies


    Our scalp can become irritated and dry by constantly shampooing our hair, in windy or cold weather and sweat. Stress and excessive smoking can also dry out our scalp which as a result produces dandruff. But how can we naturally get rid of the embarrassing flakes of dandruff that can sometimes land on our shoulders […] More

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    Heavy legs: natural remedies to help relieve the sensation

    Heavy legs

    The sensation of heavy legs is caused by bad blood circulation.  Some plants make effective natural remedies to revive feelings of heavy legs.  Read on to find out more about these natural solutions.   Plants: your best ally to combat heavy legs Fresh plants should be your first choice when it comes to treating heavy legs […] More

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    100% Natural Viagra recipe that is ready in 5 minutes

    Natural Viagra recipe

    Traditional Viagra is used by adult men with erection difficulties which make them incapable of having or maintaining a sufficient erection to have satisfying sexual intercourse.  However those suffering from cardiovascular illnesses are advised against taking this little blue pill as they already take enough vasodilator medicine.  Read on to learn more about an alternative low-cost, […] More

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    Itchy intimate areas: what could be the causes?

    Itchy intimate areas

    Itchiness or irritations in your intimate parts can be particularly annoying.  Although not always serious, it is important to find a way to reduce the itch and understand why it is happening.  The mucus membrane of your intimate areas is very fragile and can be easily irritated. Chemical products or physical contact can often be […] More

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    Daily habits that you should stop straight away

    Daily habits

    If you sleep in your underwear, you sometimes borrow a towel off a friend or you don’t wash your hands before going to the toilet, you need to change your hygiene tactics!  Did you know that these habits are bad for your body because they allow bacteria to spread and can harm our health.  You should […] More

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