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    Creative visualisation: Turn your dreams into reality

    creative visualisation

    Whatever your dream, whether it is finding love, raising a family, finding the perfect job, building a house, the technique of creative visualisation can help you make it happen!  This technique involves mentally solidifying your desires.  Creative visualisation creates very powerful positive thoughts which allow you to turn your dreams into reality.  Make your dreams […]

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    OCD: causes, symptoms and treatments

    OCD cause symptoms and treatments

    OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can affect adults as well as children without any distinction between sex. For people who suffer from this illness daily life can be difficult.  According to specialists, the earlier OCD is diagnosed, the more likely the sufferer is going to be able to overcome this illness. But what recommended therapies […]

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    Kamasutra for beginners: 8 easy positions

    Kamasutra for beginners

    Here are 8 easy position for those who’d like to discover Kamasutra and who’d like to spice up their sex life.  There are even some great positions for those who who are not very flexible or who are a little tired!  1) The Hedonist The woman gets herself into a doggy-style position that is slightly […]

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    Four personality traits in humans

    personality traits

    In psychology, personality research is based on The Big Five theory.  Created by Costa and McCrae in the years between 1987 and 1992, it is still used today as base for lots of researchers.  According to this theory, human personality is made up of five main traits.  However a recent study has shown there are […]

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    Rheumatoid arthritis: the causes, symptoms and treatments

    Rheumatoid arthritis

    Rheumatoid arthritis is the second most common arthritis in the UK.  This severe inflammatory illness affects women twice as much as men.  Joints are progressively destroyed by the illness which, only in very rare cases, can improve completely.  Today, treatments are available which can relieve patients of pain.  But what are the causes, symptoms and […]

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    How does sexual desire evolve with age?

    Sex evolve with age

    Sex and sexual desire is not just for the young.  When you get older, our bodies and minds change in line with our lived experiences and sex evolves as well.  But to what extend can sexual desire be affected?  Important to adapt but not to stop Age, experience, events and time can impact both our […]

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    Sex: When do women get bored of their partner

    sex and losing desire

    While carrying out a national survey to understand more about partners sexual behaviour and lifestyles, researchers from the University of Southampton gathered information from more than 11, 000 participants of which 6, 669 were women and 4,839 were men.  All participants had a sexual partner the year before they took part in the study.  According […]

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    Alzheimer’s: the causes, symptoms and treatments


    Alzheimer’s disease is a mental deterioration which causes memory, thought processing and behaviour difficulties.  Each year there are 200, 000 diagnosed cases.  The 21 September is World Alzheimer’s Day and it takes place every year.  In this article we will look at the causes, symptoms and treatments to help better understand this mental deterioration which […]

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    Things you should avoid during pregnancy

    Pregnancy things you should avoid

    You are not ill or suffering from a fatality when you are pregnant.  Nevertheless there are some activities that you should stop when you are expecting a child.  You should remember that by avoiding these activities you are protecting yourself and also your future child.   Drinking alcohol Everyone knows that drinking alcohol can be dangerous […]

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