8 tips to make it easier to get up early in the mornings

8 tips to make it easier to get up early in the mornings
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If you find it hard to get up early in the mornings, which often makes you late for work (especially in winter when the cold nights are longer), then this article is made for you! Here are 8 simple tips to make it easier to get up in the morning, making the procedure faster, more effective and painless. So what are you waiting for! 

1) Light: effective for getting up early

Natural light is more effective than artificial light for waking us up gently. Leave your curtains or blinds slightly open to make the most of the first rays of light. In winter, if it is still dark when you wake up, turn on a dim light to help you get out of bed.

2) Start an enjoyable morning routine

If you have a ritual you look forward to in the morning, such as drinking a nice coffee or a fresh juice, sprucing yourself up, doing 10 minutes of yoga or having a good breakfast, it will be easier to get out of bed, and your little routine will put in you in good form for the rest of the day!

3) Stop hitting the snooze button!

This button on the alarm which consists of repeating the alarm every few minutes until you get up may seem like a good idea, but is more like prolonging the torture than helping you get up! Although of course we’ve all done it at least once…

You certainly get up later because of this button, because you put off getting up again and again, without actually getting any real rest: you only get broken sleep between the loud alarms, that only make you want to dive back under the covers!

According to specialists, using the “snooze” button harms the quality of your sleep and therefore damages your health. If you stop using it, you will be more motivated to get up at the first alarm.

4) Go to sleep when you’re tired

In order to sleep well, you need to be tired and to want to go to bed. If you go to bed before you are tired, you run the risk of lying in the dark ruminating for at least an hour before your fall asleep, with your head full of anxiety.