8 natural and effective antiseptics

8 natural and effective antiseptics
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Our skin is frequently exposed to numerous risk factors that can damage it and cause infections. Here are 8 natural old wives remedies, to replace your usual disinfectant and keep your skin soft and healthy. 

1) Garlic

Garlic is a medicinal food and is capable of treating numerous ailments, but overall, it is one of the best natural antiseptics.

Whether you have internal infections, such as respiratory illnesses for example, or external problems (on the skin), consume garlic in your meals or apply small slices of it to any cuts or fungal infections. You can cover a cut or wound with a bandage to keep the garlic in place on the infected area. 

2) Echinachea

Echinachea root is another natural remedy well known for disinfecting skin lesions and preventing bacteria from developing, without having to resort to chemical products.

Make an echinachea infusion, and once it is luke-warm, apply it directly to the skin with a cloth or piece of cotton wool. Leave it to work for several minutes.

3) Honey

Honey is one of the best natural antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and antiseptics.

Its beneficial properties also help it to regenerate the skin, especially on the scalp and the lips, although it is also effective for fighting against blackheads

Honey has the ability to soften and hydrate the skin, as well as prevent infections.

You can mix it with lemon before applying it directly to the skin.

4) Propolis

Propolis is the resin used by bees to plug the cells of their hives in order to fortify them.

It is made up of vitamins, minerals and bioflavonoids which make it a powerful natural antibiotic and antiseptic, effective for healing wounds and treating stomach ulcers, as well as other health problems.