7 top tips to boost your libido

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7 top tips to boost your libido
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Libido or sexual desire has an important place in everyone’s life, especially within a long term relationship. And as sex promotes the well-being of both partners, it is important to keep your libido in full working order! Here are 7 recommendations from sex professionals.

1) Get regular physical exercise

If practiced regularly, physical exercise provides numerous benefits for sexual health in general, because it improves blood circulation and increases arousal in men and women alike.

Firstly, exercise boosts mood, because it releases endorphins and serotonin, the happiness hormones. It also improves physical ability and self-confidence, which are equally good for the libido and for promoting a fulfilled sexual relationship.

2) Choose your food wisely…

By eating a healthy and balanced diet that is rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, fibre and protein, including fruit, vegetables, whole grains, etc., you will quickly see that it has very positive effects on your sex life.

Be aware that fatty foods affect your libido and sex hormones, while other foodstuffs have naturally powerful effects on the libido, such as ginseng, ginger or chocolate.

3) Guard against stress

All types of stress can lead to reduced sexual desire. Furthermore, stress and lowered libido can lead to physical fatigue and hormonal imbalances, which can also affect a couple’s sex life.

Engage in relaxing activities (e.g., yoga, sophrology, swimming, music, art, meditation, etc.), which in the long term will help rebalance the hormones linked to well-being.

Cortisol levels will naturally diminish and sexual desire will increase.

4) Go on dates

The majority of sexual problems within a relationship are linked to the couple getting into a rut, or too familiar a routine.

Although you don’t have to be endlessly going out to the cinema, etc., breaking out of your routine habits to experience new things together will have a positive effect on sexual desire.

Going out for dinner, to the cinema, to have a drink, going to a concert, a play or simply going for a romantic walk together can be enough to breathe new life into a relationship.

5) Avoid smoking

The toxins released by tobacco directly affect the libido and sexual relations, because they have an impact on blood flow to the erogenous zones, and accelerate the process of ageing of the arteries.

Furthermore, these toxins affect the secretion of sex hormones, reducing sexual appetite.

6) Communicate!

Good quality communication in a relationship is one of the best ways of supporting both partners’ sexual desire, as it allows for open discussion and helps you learn more about your own and your partner’s sexuality, which helps you guide each other towards increased sexual satisfaction.

Sexologists call this “erotic communication”.

7) Shake up your routine

If you can only imagine yourself enjoying sex in the bedroom, you can spice things up a little by adding to the atmosphere (with candles, perfume, music, etc.) or by highlighting your assets in a sexy outfit (whether you are a man or a woman). This can revive the passion within a relationship.

You can also consider making love in other places, finding places to do it that arouse both of you.


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