7 natural remedies to say goodbye to cellulite

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7 natural remedies to say goodbye to cellulite
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Although many cosmetic brands offer cellulite creams, gels and capsules, there are also natural solutions. Less expensive, and available at your fingertips, these recipes are easy to make at home. For your dream body, follow this guide!

Cellulite, also called “orange peel skin”, occurs due to a poor lifestyle or a diet that is too rich, often combined with water retention. These factors lead to the formation of fatty masses, which make the surface of the skin lumpy.

1. Lemon

Lemon has many beauty benefits (teeth whitening, anti-wrinkle, etc.). But it can also help combat cellulite.

In order to do so, drink a large glass of water containing freshly squeezed lemon juice. At night, massage the relevant areas with a mix of lemon essential oil and sweet almond essential oil.

You can also add fifteen drops of lemon essential oil to your bath, with a handful of coarse salt and a glass of milk.

2. Coffee grounds

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Stop throwing out your coffee grounds: you can use them to reduce cellulite. In fact, you may have noticed that the products sold in the pharmacy for fighting against orange peel skin often contain caffeine.

Dry out the coffee grounds and massage them into your thighs, bum and tummy for a few minutes before taking a shower.

The power of massage, associated with the scrub effect and the other properties of the coffee, promise beautiful results.

3. Ivy

If you are lucky enough to have ivy growing on your house, use it to help reduce cellulite. This plant in fact has many benefits. Rub ivy leaves to the relevant areas, to create a friction effect.

4. Quark / fromage blanc

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Mix some quark (or fromage blanc) with two tablespoons of coarse salt in a bowl. Apply this mixture to your body and leave it to work for 25 minutes. Rinse.

5. Yoghurt

Yoghurt can also help you fight cellulite. In order to do so, mix a yoghurt with left over coffee grounds. Rub the mixture firmly into the affected areas.

6. Nettles

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Nettles do much more than just sting you. They can also be soothing, and at the same time reduce orange peel skin. They eliminate toxins and reduce water retention.

To make nettle tea, weigh out 100 grams of fresh nettle leaves and boil them.

Alternatively, prepare this magic potion: marinade around ten nettle leaves in apple cider vinegar, and dilute a spoonful of this mixture in a large glass of water. Drink your home made anti-cellulite potion.

7. Salt

Salt can be used as a natural and effective skin scrub, to leave your skin soft and beautiful. It eliminates dead skin cells and refines the surface of the skin. It is exfoliating but abrasive, and it promotes blood circulation, which is an excellent natural anti-cellulite remedy.

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