6 things never to do to your vagina!

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6 things never to do to your vagina!
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Your vagina, and by extension your vaginal flora, is extremely fragile. It requires careful attention at all times. But the daily things you do that may seem harmless could end up causing irritation in your intimate areas.

Here are 6 things to stop doing straight away, in order to protect and respect your vagina. 

Keeping your vagina in good health needs to be an everyday priority. Your intimate area should be attended to with great care, in order to avoid itching or more serious problems.

1. Wearing thongs every day

In order to maintain good intimate hygiene, it is recommended that you do not wear thongs, g-strings, tight panties or even very tight jeans too regularly. Such clothes can start to harm the delicate area, through incessant rubbing, which can cause irritation over time.

2. Wearing underwear made from synthetic fibres

Non-natural polyesters can damage your vaginal flora. Go instead for cotton underwear, which is much better for your health.

3. Remove all your pubic hair

It is tempting to remove your pubic hair for the sake of your partner, or to get ready for a day at the beach, but complete hair removal is very harmful. Pubic hair does in fact have a very precise function: it absorbs excess perspiration in the bikini area. Furthermore, it protects your vagina from infections, sexually transmitted or otherwise.

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4. Wear your sanitary towels etc. for too long

Tampons, pads, menstrual cups – you need to regularly change all of your means of period protection in order to avoid vaginal pain and irritation. Inflammation or even fungal infections can develop, which can frankly be very unpleasant.

5. Wash the area with regular soap

Certain brands make pH neutral soaps, especially designed for gently washing the intimate areas. However, be careful not to use these products every day, as they could overly dry out the area. Play around with natural gentle soaps, which are highly  effective.

Never put cosmetic products inside your vagina. They often contain alcohol, and sometimes aluminium or chemical products which could be carcinogenic. Also avoid the wipes you can buy in the supermarkets.

6. Try to look after infections yourself

At the slightest sign of burning or even itching, don’t hesitate to consult a gynaecologist. Ask for an emergency appointment, explaining your symptoms.

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