6 magic uses for Vicks Vaporub

Credits: Vicks Vaporub by yto - Flickr
6 magic uses for Vicks Vaporub
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Most people have a pot of Vicks Vaporub at home, but we tend to use it only when we have a cough, usually applying it to the chest. But did you know that Vicks Vaporub also has other functions for your health and body? Read on to find out what they are! 

1) Treat spots

Apply a pea sized amount of Vicks to spots morning and night, to make them dry out and disappear. As long as you don’t touch them!

2) Treat headaches

Like you can do with tiger balm, rub a little Vicks Vaporub to your forehead and temples to rapidly soothe headaches. Vicks Vaporub is made with a plant that comes from South Africa or Australia, depending on the species: the Plectranthus.

3) To repel insects and treat insect bites

With your fingers, dab a little Vicks Vaporub to the parts of your skin that are exposed to insects. In the case of tick bites or mosquito bites, apply some Vicks to the affected area for relief. Its strong odour should force ticks and chiggers to release their hold, making it easier to remove them. It’s good for replacing ether!

4) Treat dry heels

if you have dry or cracked heels, apply a little Vicks Vaporub morning and evening, and cover your feet with socks to help it take effect. After a few days, you should start to see good results. The cream will deeply hydrate the skin of your feet and make them more soft and beautiful.

5) Treat fungal nail infections

If you have a fungal infection in your toenails, rub the toe and the infected nail(s) with Vicks Vaporub, morning and evening. If the nail has darkened in colour, regularly clip your nails until the dark part has disappeared.

Although it has yet to be proven, the plant contained in Vicks Vaporub could have anti-fungal effects and destroy fungus.

6) Speed up healing

For small cuts, you can speed up healing by directly applying a little Vicks. This magic cream will also prevent infections.