5 tips to get the most out of your sex life

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5 tips to get the most out of your sex life
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Even if sex is often thought to be the cherry on the cake for a couple, intimate relations are very important to stay connected with your partner.  Knowing what your partner likes and doesn’t like and their desires is important for a couple’s sex life.  You should never have secrets from your partner which is why you need to communicate.  Here are 5 tips to get the most out of your sex life! 

1/ Are you worried… it’s normal!

Having sex with someone is an intimate way of communicating.  The other person is different to us which can easily make us worried or anxious.  However don’t worry this is normal. It is perhaps the first time that you are discovering their body, intimate parts and form.  This is therefore a new environment that we need to become accustomed to before we feel completely relaxed.

There is therefore no need to blame yourself for being anxious as this can stop you from enjoying the experience.  Understand that you are a little anxious and then accept it.  This is the best way to be at ease.

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2/ Don’t get stuck in a rut

It is normal to have habits and little pleasure that we like more than others.  This could be, for example, favourite positions and particular moments in the day to have sex.  However if you want to get the most out of your sex life you can’t get stuck in a rut. So that you can experiences new sensations and a more intense stimulation you should alternate from deep to semi-deep penetration or mix up the speed going for slow or fast movements.

You should change the way you caress your partner by making your touch more soft and gentle!  Discover the erogenous places on your partners body by varying the pressure.  Some parts of their body that you rarely touch could be exceedingly sensitive and very stimulating.  Especially if they are delicately touched with the tips of your fingertips.  It is just up to you to explore!

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You can also touch yourself.  Nothing is forbidden remember! In intimate relations with one or more people there is always a chance pleasure yourself with masturbation.  Don’t be ashamed to discover some of your own erogenous areas! 

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3/ Games and sex toys

You can try role play whether it is to have a change from the monotony of your lovemaking or just to spice up your sex life.  Talk about this in advance and then arrange a night that is good for both of you.  Choose characters and imagine a life to make everything as believable as possible.  It might seem cliche to talk about role play games but many couples find that they are comfortable in this type of exercise.  They end up reviving their sex drive and get the most out of their sex life.

You can also use sex toys. Dildos will never go out of fashion but there are many others that also exist.  Sex toys can help to liven up intimate moments whether you are a man or a woman. That being said you might have to forget about an image of an all powerful penis that is capable of everything.  Remember you can find other interesting toys in sex-shops or online boutiques.

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4/ Really share the moment

Sex is an important aspect of a couple’s relationship as it is a moment of complete sharing.  Sexual intercourse allows couples to truly get to know their partner.

During your frolics, look at your partner and see what they enjoy and what makes them immobile. Understand their jolts or tensions.  This means that they are enjoying what you are doing!  One of the biggest errors to make is to think that you know your partner as you have had other experiences.

We are all unique and it is important to remember that!

5/ Never be ashamed of your desires

This is the final rule so that you will always feel fulfilled by your sex life.  You should never be ashamed of your desires as crazy as they might seem.  This shame can put barriers up and can upset your life as a couple (sexual or nor).  This is because you are not completely sharing your feelings with your partner.  What is more, if your partner learns about your desires, they could feel betrayed that you never told them in the first place.

Speaking is often the best solution.  After speaking about your desire you can learn what your partner likes and they can know what you like.  So just go for it and tell your partner what you feel!


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