5 health benefits of rice

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5 health benefits of rice
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After wheat, rice is the most widely consumed cereal in the world. It contains numerous health benefits and has great nutritional qualities. So how to choose the best rice for you, and what does it provide you with? Let’s have a closer look at this common foodstuff….

1. Rice is a slimming ally

Rice is a cereal that is rich in carbohydrates. So does it contain slow or fast releasing sugars? This all depends on the variety of rice you choose, and how it is cooked. Round rice and white rices are high in fast releasing sugars. On the other hand, basmati contains slow releasing sugars, which leave us less susceptible to cravings.

In terms of cooking, make sure that your rice is served al dente, which thus helps you maintain your figure.

2. Regulates digestive transit

During an episode of constipation or diarrhea, rice can help regulate intestinal transit. The bran (the coating) and the germ provide the necessary quantities of fibre for good digestion.

White rice improves the consistency of the stools in the case of mild diarrhea. An old wives’ tip is to drink the cooking water for even more efficiency.

3. Full of vitamins

Rice contains multiple vitamins, notably the B group vitamins, as well as minerals such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorous.

The ideal is therefore par-boiled white rice. However, note that it should not be cooked like pasta. All of the precious nutrients are found in the water, so make sure to cook it just until the water is absorbed.

4. Great for people following a gluten free diet

Rice doesn’t contain any gluten, by contrast to wheat, barley, oats and rye. It is thus compatible with a gluten free diet.

5. It has anti-cancer properties

It has been noted that breast cancer and bowel cancer rates are lower in countries that consume a lot of rice. Could there be a link? It seems likely. British researchers have shown that rice bran contains compounds that inhibit the growth of tumours.

One last tip: ideally consume whole grain or red rice, which are particularly rich.

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