5 good reasons to eat seasonal fruit and veg

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5 good reasons to eat seasonal fruit and veg
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You are sure to have heard that it is better to eat fruit and vegetables that are in season, but do you know why? As well as being healthier and better for the environment, here are a few more advantages! 

They taste better

Seasonal fruit and vegetables obviously have a better flavour because they were allowed the time to ripen naturally in the sun and thus develop more taste. Generally, tomatoes taste bland in Winter, as they are often picked too early, whereas in Summer, especially if they are local and organic, they are juicy and tasty.

They are adapted to our nutritional needs

Nature generally works to our advantage, because in Winter time, our bodies need more energy and essential nutrients to keep our immune systems going, and this is the season for vitamin C rich citrus fruits. In Summer, our bodies need more water, and at this time, we have plenty seasonal fruit and veg to hydrate us: melon, lettuce, tomatoes, courgettes, red berries, etc.

They contain more antioxidants

When fruit and veg are grown in accordance with their natural cycles, they contain higher quantities of antioxidants -molecules that protect our cells from pollution, UV rays, ageing and which can prevent the appearance of certain illnesses.

Organic fruit and vegetables, and plants in general, produce more antioxidants when they are exposed to sunlight, which is their defense mechanism. Did you know that the skin of fruit and veg is very rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fiber?

They are healthier

Pesticides are used less in fruit that is harvested seasonally, because the fruit and veg grow more easily in their natural cycle. What’s more, if you eat local and eat organic, you can be sure to avoid most chemical products that are toxic for your health. 

They are less expensive

Seasonal and locally produced products obviously require less transport time and thus save significantly on fuel -a saving which is passed on to the customer. In the same way, when fruit and vegetables are not imported from abroad, we also save on import tax, which in turn affects the final price.

Better for your health, better for the environment, fair pay for the producers, participating in the local economy, saving money -in short, what’s not to love!!

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