40% of cancers could be avoided: here’s how

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40% of cancers could be avoided: here’s how
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Certain European health authorities have recently launched campaigns aimed at informing the public about the daily lifestyle changes they can make to help prevent 40% of cancers. 

Alcohol and diet: the main risk factors for cancer

According to the French national institute for cancer, 40% of all cancers occur as a result of exposure to lifestyle-related risk factors, which could be avoided if the public were better informed.


6 parts of the body are affected by cancers triggered by over-consumption of alcohol:

  • mouth,
  • pharynx,
  • larynx,
  • œsophagus,
  • bowel,
  • breasts,
  • liver.

European statistics in various regions have reported figures linking 80% of cases of oesophageal cancers, 20% of cases of bowel cancer and 17% of cases of breast cancer to alcohol consumption. This is why it is recommended that you limit your consumption of alcohol.

Diet: 20 to 25% of cancers

20 to 25% of cancers can be attributed to nutritional factors, or nutrient deficiencies. Depending on the person, it could be due to a deficiency in fibre, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iron (anemia) or protein, etc. 

It has already been proven that consuming fruit, vegetables, fibre-rich and organic foods can reduce the risk of several cancers: mouth cancer, oesophageal cancer, bowel cancer, and stomach cancer.

This is why it is recommended that you regularly consume whole grain cereals, whole wheat pasta and bread, brown rice and other cereals such as quinoa and rye, as well as fruit, vegetables and calcium rich foods.


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