3 natural tips for removing splinters in a quick and pain free way

Credits: Arria Belli via Wikimedia Commons
3 natural tips for removing splinters in a quick and pain free way
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When we work with wood or in the garden, it can easily happen that a splinter or a thorn gets embedded under the skin of your hands or feet. Instead of torturing yourself with a pair of tweezers, here are 3 natural remedies for rapidly and almost painlessly getting rid thorns or splinters. But first of all, disinfect the area well with an antiseptic solution.

Bicarbonate of soda paste for a thorn in your foot

Baking soda is truly a magic ingredient that we should all have in our kitchen or bathroom cupboards!

In the case of getting a thorn in your foot, your fingers or anywhere else, this is an effective natural remedy, and it is even suitable for babies.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with a little water to make a paste.
  • Apply the paste to the area in which the thorn is stuck.
  • Cover it with a plaster for 12 to 24 hours, and the thorn will start to come out all on its own.
  • Next, remove the plaster and you can gently remove the rest of the thorn with a tweezers.

The suction method for a thorn in your hand

  • Fill a container or a glass bottle with a large opening with hot water.
  • Cover the neck of the container or bottle with the part of your hand in which the thorn is embedded.
  • The suction effect of the water will soften the skin and you will easily be able to remove the thorn.

The ice-oil method for splinters

  • Firstly, disinfect the area in which you have the thorn or splinter.
  • Next, in order to reduce pain, you can numb the area with an ice cube.
  • Put a little sweet almond oil or olive oil onto a compress.
  • Apply the oil-soaked compress to the area in which the thorn in embedded.
  • Massage the area for a few seconds with your fingers, and gently push on the thorn to get it out.

This method may be slightly more painful than the first two methods.