20 foods that naturally promote tanning

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20 foods that naturally promote tanning
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Prepare your skin for the first of the sun’s rays and get ready to be tanned all summer long! To promote tanning, include these 20 foods in your diet, which are choc full of beta-carotene and antioxidants. They will give you a gorgeous glow, turning you into a beach babe!

Seasonal fruit and vegetables are best to prepare your skin for sun exposure and to prolong your tan after your holidays.


Carrots are the foodstuff that is richest in beta-carotene. Eaten raw, they are your best bronzing buddy.

To vary things up, you can also consume sweet potatoes and pumpkins, which are also rich in beta-carotene.

Tomato and black pepper

The red colour in tomatoes proves that they are full of carotenoids, the natural pigments which facilitate tanning. Mix tomato with black pepper or grapefruit (which is also full of carotenoids) and the job is done!

Melon and watermelon

The flesh of these two summer fruits is full of carotenoids and vitamin B6. As well as quenching thirst – which is essential for beautiful skin – melon and watermelon will make your skin better hydrated and more beautiful.

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Peach and apricot

Eating apricots for your breakfast activates vitamin A for the day. Mango, exotic fruits and yellow peaches are also good, as they contain lutein, a pigment from the same family as beta-carotene.

Strawberries and cherries

These summer fruits contain high levels of vitamin C which can prevent skin ageing. Strawberries and cherries do not directly promote tanning, but they give a boost to tired skin.