17 things that prove he or she is “the one”

17 things that prove he or she is “the one”
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Whether it’s sweet nothings or grand gestures, what makes your partner the one for you is how they show their love and commitment. So how can you spot the little everyday things they do, to find out if they truly are “the one” for you, the love of your life?

1) Your partner validates you all the time -or almost!

Regardless of what you are doing or achieving -securing a new promotion, hosting a weekend with friends, or simply making a home cooked meal -your partner validates you as much as he or she can, in front of friends, family and colleagues. In short, he or she is proud of you!

2) You make concessions for each other

Obviously, concessions are important in a relationship, but this needs to work both ways. If your partner is very accepting of you and happy to make sacrifices for you, such as missing out on a football match or their gym session in order to go for dinner with your mother, marry them quick! But you also need to be willing to do the same thing for them.

3) You share many of the same values

For example, you are both on the same page as to whether you would like to get married some day, or not, and/or have children. You may dream of building a house that suits your tastes and ideas, in an area you can both agree on without too much bickering.

4) You make an effort for each other

Even if you have been together for years, you still plan little surprises, little unexpected gifts, for no reason at all. Are you running low on inspiration?

The possibilities are endless: a night away in a hotel, a spa treatment, a romantic hike, a home made meal, massages -quite simply any way to enjoy life’s little pleasures together!

5) You don’t need to change yourself for the other person

Your partner loves you for who you are, and he or she doesn’t try to change you, but rather accepts your personality, the good bits and the bad. According to couples who withstand the test of time, our faults can end up being something you can both laugh about, after enough time together. So be patient!